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Balancing Act!

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Procrastination and Reality!

Bertie had noticed that he possessed a particular skill. It was not necessarily a useful skill and one that he had never associated with himself so far. He had discovered that when it came to making decisions or changes in his life he was the master of procrastination!

In fact, if he had been give a decision to go travelling he would have probably procrastinated about it for a while. Thinking it all through and going over every little detail.

He also realised that the opposite of procrastination is reality.

They first introduced themselves to him as the conflicting voices in his head. Procrastination would provide him with excuses as to why he should not do something. It was really helpful in giving him alternative things to do, to focus on and tasks to complete so that he could avoid thinking and proactively doing what it was he was procrastinating about.

Reality was the voice of reason. Reality argued against procrastination and reminded why he needed to focus on the thing(s) he was avoiding. Reality gave him real time scales to work towards and brought him back to what he should be focusing on. Reality reminded him of the truth of the situation whether he wanted to face it or not. It also pointed out when procrastination had taken over….

Bertie began to observe the two voices quietly arguing and manipulating in his head were not so much fighting against each other but striving to reach a balance. The balance where priority was given to what needed to be completed for that moment in time, to not use the time to dwell on worrying and “what ifs”. Procrastination helped distract from the what if questions and reality kept the balance by helping him to regain focus when he needed to.

The trick was, firstly, not to get too concerned that Bertie was hearing voices in his head. Secondly, was to identify when the balance was tipping and adjust accordingly.

Bertie decided that neither of these tasks were easy ones and may take some time to accurately implement. The reality of the situation was that he had observed and noticed what he was doing, his task was to no longer procrastinate at taking action to maintain a balance of the two.


Silence is golden

Kakadu NP


Bertie was sat on the top of a ridge, with panoramic views of the floodplains of Kakadu National Park, listening to the sounds around him. He realised that if he focused hard enough he could drown out the conversations of the other people who had joined him at the top of the rocks.

As he flicked between the sounds of the voices and the calls of the birds and wildlife around him be began to realise that sometimes people feel the need to fill the silence with noise, be that music or their own voice. While it is good to talk and communicate there are also moments when it is good to drink in the atmosphere of a place. To enrich your spiritual soul and to think.

Sometimes people can be scared to sit still and embrace the silence, they are worried about the thoughts which come to them. This is just the conscious mind trying to take back control. If it allows the sub conscious to come to the surface it will loose some of its control. Therefore, the conscious mind will create worries for you to focus on. Worries based on the future, on the past but never in the present moment. It is in the present moment when you are at your most powerful, your most creative and you are more in control than anything else.

So next time you find yourself in a magnificent place in nature, take a moment to contemplate, to try and clear your mind and focus on the present moment. How the breeze feels on your face, what sounds can you hear, how the ground feels underneath you. Connect with everything around you and enjoy being fully present within your body.