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Prehistoric rocks

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It was a warm, sunny day and Bertie and Croc knew what that meant, an adventure!

When they finally peeped out from the camera bag they could hear seagulls calling and the crashing of waves. They were on a long stretch of beach. Croc was mesmerised by the grey looking ocean. It had been a while since he had seen the sea. As Croc stared at the sea, Bertie was watching the people on the beach. They were crowding around the cliff’s and the many large rocks which had come to rest on the sand. He wondered what they were all looking at and why they found the rocks so interesting?

As they moved further down the beach the cold, biting wind had forced Croc to sink deeper into the bag. Bertie, being a little more hardly and use to the cold, braved the wind and watched the people crowding around the rocks fade away.

Bertie and Croc came to rest on a small rock, sheltered by the cliff face. Croc, being closer to the ground than Bertie, began to study the rock they were sat on. He nudged Bertie and pointed at a mark on the rock. Bertie looked in the direction Croc was pointing, and then did a double take! It was a FOSSIL!

Bertie had heard of fossils but never seen one! Croc slid down the rock to a lower ledge and pointed at another shape in the rocks….the fossils were everywhere! Croc looked confused. Bertie explained that a fossil is a the impression or remains of a prehistoric plant or animal which has been embedded in the rock and has been preserved. These little swirls and shapes were animals which were millions of years old.

Croc stared in disbelief at the small patterns in the rocks.

Bertie was scooped up and gently placed in the camera bag. Croc didn’t want to leave, he wanted to keep looking for more fossils. As he was scooped up he grabbed hold of a piece of rock in an attempt to stay. The rock broke away and Croc was lifted, rock and all, and placed in the camera bag. Bertie was shocked. He didn’t usually like the idea of taking things from beaches. He preferred to leave things for everyone else to see. He had to admit though, the fossils embedded in Croc’s rock were pretty cool.

Croc clung to his rock all the way home. In fact, Croc is laid on his windowsill spot right now, on top of his fossil covered rock!


The Fiddler


After stuffing his face with ice cream Bertie felt quite content and was enjoying his impromptu visit to the English seaside. Croc was beginning to think Bertie was insane! In his opinion it was cold enough without eating ice cream!?

Bertie decided it was too much like hard work navigating his way through the dinosaur eggs on the pebbled beach and they made their way back towards the car. Bertie pointed out Jacobs Ladder to Croc and they shared an in joke about the comparisons between the ladder at Sidmouth and the Jacobs Ladder in Perth, Western Australia.

As they neared the top of the cliffs they took a stroll through a beautiful garden which was just beginning to show the first signs of spring. As Bertie was posing amongst the blooming flowers, Croc began to sneeze being surrounded by the new varieties of flowers and nestled comfortably in the coat pocket he was now reluctant to leave for fear that his fangs would fall out when his teeth began to chatter from the cold.

It was here Bertie found a new friend…..a statue of a Violinist stood alone and looking quite dismal in the middle of the garden. Bertie felt quite sorry for the statue, reminding himself of his early days travelling where he would spend many hours alone. He also knew that seagulls were not much for conversation so he sat on the statues hat and chatted merrily away to him in the hope it would cheer him up. The statue said not a word but seemed to be more than happy for a bit of company.

On reading the plaque near the statue Bertie learnt that it was called The Fiddler and was designed by a local artist called Gretta Berlin to celebrate 50 years of Sidmouth folk festival. Bertie thought if he was to design a statue to celebrate something he would at least make it with a smile on its face!

Bertie felt himself being gently lifted off the statue and placed securely in his camera bag hide away, which indicted they were heading home. Exhausted by the sea air and the gentle rocking of the bag he fell into a bear like slumber dreaming of where he would be when he woke up next.


Jurassic Coastlines

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When we last left Bertie and Croc they were driving away from the towering Wellington Monument. Bertie thought they were heading back to the place they were staying but as he watched the rolling English countryside go past he began to realise they were heading somewhere new.

Bertie pointed out the thatched cottages to Croc, who had never seen houses with straw roofs….tin yes, but straw? Croc could not get his head round how the straw would keep the rain out?

As the car rolled to a gentle stop Bertie began to feel the excitement in his stuffing grow as he heard the familiar sounds of seagulls squawking in the air above them. It had been a long time since Bertie had been to a British seaside. He advised Croc that this was not going to be the tropical lifestyle he had become accustomed to and to make sure he stayed warm inside the coat pocket he was nestled in. Croc was not use to having to wrap up warm for a trip to the beach.

Bertie donned his hat and off they went! He discovered that they had arrived at a small seaside town called Sidmouth (pronounced Sid-muf), in Devon. The beach was full of pebbles and large stones and Bertie thought some resembled dinosaur eggs, which was ironic as Bertie later discovered that Sidmouth was a gateway to the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. The red cliffs reminded Croc of the red dirt in the Northern Territory. However, the cold chill in the air reminded Croc to stay safely tucked up in his warm coat pocket. Croc could not understand how it could be so sunny, yet so cold!?

As Bertie sat quietly and alone on the deserted pebble beach he took some time to think about where he had come in his life. He was just beginning to ponder about where he was going when he heard someone mention the words “ice-cream” and all pondering was forgotten!