Looking up

When we last left our furry friends on their adventure they were in somewhere called Vatican and had posed for a photograph surrounded by lots of people with a big dome building in the background. Croc was quite relieved to be moving back inside where it was a little quieter. He loved the sunshine and … Continue reading Looking up


Past, future and present

This year I will aim to blog more consistently. This will hopefully be easier once my life is a little more settled. I feel the need to apologise for my lack of blog posts in the past month. Moving countries means your head is in two worlds. It is a surreal feeling having ties to … Continue reading Past, future and present


When Bertie was exploring through the north of Thailand, outside Chiang Mai, he came across a disturbing sight. A teddy bear, stuffed in a confined cage with no room to move. Alone. Head bowed. Bertie wondered what this teddy bear had done to desire such a cruel punishment. Then he noticed that the cage was unlocked. … Continue reading Caged