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Bertie and Croc meet Molly


Bertie and Croc had been on quite a whirlwind of adventures so far and they still had many more to go. Croc had gained more and more enthusiasm and confidence as the journey had continued and Bertie felt very proud to be helping him along his journey of croc-discovery. Croc was learning lots of things. Not just about this strange new place he was visiting which was making his crocodile claws turn blue with cold but also about himself.

Today Croc was to learn a very important lesson about the travelling lifestyle. It was one which Bertie felt was very important to pass on to him. It was the lesson of taking time out and to enjoy being still.

Bertie, being an experienced traveller, knew all about travel fatigue. He had also learn how to help combat it. Today he took Croc to his favourite historical city. The city of York. York has so many places to explore and see, with buildings and architecture older than Croc had ever realised could be possible.

The first place Bertie took Croc was Molly’s tea rooms. A small tea room above several levels of an antique shop. As they passed the rows and rows of cabinets filled with ancient goodies Croc was keen to start looking but Bertie was adamant that they stopped for a cup of tea and a scone. The cabinets soon gave way to cake filled displays and Croc was so thankful he had listened to Bertie.

The scone was perfect and Croc soon relaxed in the comfortable atmosphere sitting as close as he could to the tea pot so it warmed his crocodile scales like the Northern Territory sun. Soon Bertie and him were in their own little world, chatting happily about the adventures they had been on and taking some much needed time out for them.


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What is home?

Sometimes I forget what home is.

I am divided between two places at the moment with connections and family and friends in each. It is a surreal feeling. Like I am living in two worlds, parallel universes.

Home for me is somewhere you feel comfortable. It is familiar. It is relaxing and it allows you the space just to be you.

So many people place an emphasis on the material aspect of home….it is 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double driveway.

For me home is love, safety and security. It is about the feeling that it brings. Home could be a person or a pet. When I see my dog and cuddle her, I feel like I am home.

A long time ago my house did not feel like my home. It felt dark, negative and depressing.

I made a conscious effort to change that. I redecorated. Tidied up. Cleared things out which I no longer needed. It was therapeutic and cleansing to me as well as the building. I began with the intention of creating a space which was mine. Which I felt comfortable in. I wanted to feel like I was getting a hug when I walked through the door.

I went back to that space this week. I haven’t lived there for nearly 18 months now and it felt weird. The memories were still there but the feeling was different. It felt empty and cold and I realised that it was my energy and intention which made the space so warm and inviting.

Home, to me, is now somewhere different. I actually feel like I carry it with me more. Home is inside of me. It is transportable. I sound like a snail! Maybe I am?

What is home to you?