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Bertie’s Biggest Adventure Yet!


Bertie’s book cover!

Bertie and Croc’s updates have been a little sporadic recently. There is a good reason why….Bertie has been on an even bigger adventure and has been producing his own book!

So far he only has a draft version created but it is getting super exciting. Proof readers are providing positive feedback saying they love it!

This weekend Bertie  spent ages in a photoshoot, getting his poses perfect, for his books front cover. He even had his fur brushed!!! (It can get a bit flat when you spend your life in a camera bag travelling the world.)

Bertie wanted to share with you his cover shoot. He will continue to keep you up to date on his book release and hopefully share some of our excitement with you. We are hoping it won’t be too long now before we can share the link to Bertie’s FIRST EVER book on Amazon!

In the meantime, once the excitement has died own a little, Bertie will be able to get back on task and working on more blog posts of his stories around the world.

He hopes you like the book cover and all that fur brushing wasn’t for nothing!


Bertie and Croc meet Molly


Bertie and Croc had been on quite a whirlwind of adventures so far and they still had many more to go. Croc had gained more and more enthusiasm and confidence as the journey had continued and Bertie felt very proud to be helping him along his journey of croc-discovery. Croc was learning lots of things. Not just about this strange new place he was visiting which was making his crocodile claws turn blue with cold but also about himself.

Today Croc was to learn a very important lesson about the travelling lifestyle. It was one which Bertie felt was very important to pass on to him. It was the lesson of taking time out and to enjoy being still.

Bertie, being an experienced traveller, knew all about travel fatigue. He had also learn how to help combat it. Today he took Croc to his favourite historical city. The city of York. York has so many places to explore and see, with buildings and architecture older than Croc had ever realised could be possible.

The first place Bertie took Croc was Molly’s tea rooms. A small tea room above several levels of an antique shop. As they passed the rows and rows of cabinets filled with ancient goodies Croc was keen to start looking but Bertie was adamant that they stopped for a cup of tea and a scone. The cabinets soon gave way to cake filled displays and Croc was so thankful he had listened to Bertie.

The scone was perfect and Croc soon relaxed in the comfortable atmosphere sitting as close as he could to the tea pot so it warmed his crocodile scales like the Northern Territory sun. Soon Bertie and him were in their own little world, chatting happily about the adventures they had been on and taking some much needed time out for them.


All content copyright of Samantha Key 2016

On closer inspection…


On their way towards the car park at Sandal Castle, Croc asked Bertie about the many different plant and flowers he was seeing. Croc had never left Australia before and some of the simple things which Bertie never really noticed were really catching his attention. He didn’t realised that there could be so many subtle differences between two countries.

Bertie happily pointed out the flowers and trees. Croc was especially drawn to the brightly coloured daffodils. They reminded him of mini sunshines and as he leaned further out of the coat pocket he was in to get a better look he began to feel himself slipping. Seeing his friend in danger, Bertie grabbed hold of Croc’s tail, but it was too late. Momentum had already taken hold and was stronger than Bertie’s grip. Both Bertie and Croc tumbled towards the floor.

The bump of their landing wasn’t has heavy as Bertie knew it should be. When they both opened their eyes they realised they were in the middle of the very flowers Croc had been leaning out of the pocket to admire. They both looked at each other and started laughing.

Thankfully for these two adventurers, their absence from the coat pocket didn’t go un-noticed and soon they were scooped up and placed back into safety. Croc commented on how lovely the daffodils had smelt when they were laid in the middle of them. Bertie agreed. Croc decided that he was beginning to like Bertie’s home and started to feel excited about where he would be taken to next. His crocodile adventurous spirit has started to awaken and stir!

Do what feels “right” by Sam Key

Truly honoured that my work has been chosen to be published on The Copper Staple! If I get the most likes for this month it gets published in a hard copy….fingers crossed you like it enough to help me out! Thank you, you awesome group of people!

Wide eyed wonders

Bertie and Croc were just beginning to get settled in Somerset when change struck again. Bertie knowingly advised Croc that this was the travelling lifestyle, you just got use to a place and you ended up moving on. It was one of the reasons Bertie had tried to settle in one place for a while. Whereas Croc had just mastered settling in the safety of a coat pocket. He felt warm and cosy and for some reason the darkness was beginning to feel like a friend. Bertie suspected Croc had jet lag and was determined to get him out and about and onto his new time zone.

As they settled in the camera bag together listening to the rumbling of the car tyres on the road they both contemplated out loud where they might be heading to next. Croc secretly hoped that it was warmer.

When at last they were pulled out from the camera bag they were placed, together, on a cold stone wall. After being nestled in the camera bags darkness for quite a while their eyes look some time to get adjusted to the lightness of being outside. Bertie froze as he realised Croc was sat happily beside him looking around and looking quite alert, his eyes were huge as he took in the new place they had come to!

Bertie and Croc were sat on an historic chapel which was built between 1342 and 1356. It turned out this was one of only 4 bridge chapels still surviving in England! Bertie could see the wall of a stone bridge from where he was sat. The bridge was very old as well and had been built soon after 1342 and replaced an earlier bridge which was used to travel over the River Calder.

Bertie’s excitement grew as he realised he was HOME and they were sat on St Mary’s Chantry Chapel in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. He immediately went into tour guide mode and showed his wide eyed friend the bridge and chapel from many angles. Bertie’s head began buzzing with ideas about where he could take Croc next….after all this was his home town and he felt a strong responsibility to be a good tour guide.

Can you spot Bertie and Croc together in the black and white photograph? All will be revealed in Thursday’s blog post!

Are you thinking like an ant?

2014 05 Bungle bungles copyright Key Image Photographers
The awesome Bungle Bungles outside Kununurra, Western Australia

It’s all about perspective.

When your looking up at something it seems impossible, huge and intimidating, like a mountain.

Look down on something and it can seem small, insignificant and nothing to worry about, like an ant.

If you get many ants together, they may be small but they have the force and determination to be able to move objects much bigger than themselves. They look at the size of something and ask for help and work collectively towards a shared goal/outcome.

Everything you view is put into perspective by your thoughts. The amount of effort and determination you put in is based on your belief systems and what you achieve is based on your ability to believe in yourself.

Are you thinking like an ant? Where no mountain is too big, no hill too small, everything can be achieved with the help of a few friends and some determination.

Change your thoughts, change your life

2015 11 Monk Thailand
Monk saying his prayers at a Temple in Nepal

I had a really challenging day this week…you know one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong or going against you. At one point I just wanted to sit and cry.

I decided that rather than let the tears fall I was going to remove myself from everything and have a little walk. It turned out to be the best thing I could have done. I realised I was letting myself be pulled into other people’s dramas. It’s not my job to make other people happy, I can only make me happy. So I decided to change the way I was thinking and something magical happened….

I got a lovely message from my boyfriend telling me he loved me.

A colleague at work put some money in for the Christmas Party on my behalf and told me to pay her back next week.

A friend asked me if I was ok because she could see I was upset and wanted to know how she could help.

A huge thunderstorm and heavy rain started (it is the wet season in Darwin) and a work colleague offered me a lift home.

My dad called me to ask how I was and we talked for ages.

All these lovely positive things helped to restore me and make me smile from the inside out.

I challenge you, when you feel like the world is caving in around you, to start to look for one good thing…many more will start to appear after that.

Have a fabulous week!