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The puzzle medals

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Bertie and Croc felt quite confused when they left Bideford and headed home. The last time they were here they were part of a massive race! This time they had wandered up and down a track, getting glimpses of a map which they seemed to be following.

They were to find out why the following weekend.

There was an unexpected buzz in the house when Bertie and Croc woke up. There was lots of movement, things being pushed into bags and they found themselves sharing their space with a banana and an apple. Yuk, thought Croc as he pushed the odd smelling banana closer Bertie but more importantly away from himself. Bertie giggled at Croc’s reaction.

They were soon to find out what all the excitement was about when they arrived at their destination and hopped into the pockets of the thin jackets. Bertie felt like he had been here before, and Croc felt like he would rather go home.

They were running another race!

Bertie was practically bouncing out of the pocket with excitement as the whistle went off and he beamed at all the people running alongside him.

Croc felt slightly sick from all the bouncing motions already and sank deeper into the pocket wondering why he had to go through this torture all over again!

It was a warm day and Bertie was very pleased when he saw a water station and was able to catch some of the cool water to brush against his fur. He looked over to Croc but he was no where to be seen. Bertie knew he was in the pocket of the jacket still as he could see a Croc shaped lump deep in the pocket. “Oh dear” Thought Bertie. “Croc isn’t enjoying this!”

When the bouncing finally stopped and Bertie and Croc were carefully placed on the back seat of the car, they were proud new owners of two shiny medals. When they got home Bertie dashed to inspect the medal they already had and compare the two. An exhausted Croc stumbled after him. Struggling to lift his tired feet and carrying his heavy medal, Croc tripped and the medal went rolling along the ground nearly running Bertie over. Bertie dropped his medals in shock and then looked down even more surprised! The two medals fit together like a puzzle……and they made a picture. One of the very bridge they had been looking at last week and the tunnels they had run through when they were doing the half marathon!


How do you get really good at something???

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When ever I meet a really successful person or someone who has achieved something which they have dreamed about doing, I always ask them how they did it?

Everyone wants success, everyone has dreams but how many people actually make the steps towards those dreams?

It is always great when we decide that we want something and we set off on a brand new adventure. Then we reach the first hurdle, encounter the first problem. Some people would take this as a sign to give it, that their dream is not obtainable. Some people will adapt their approach and continue on the path towards their dream.

I have found that perseverance is a key word used when talking to people who have achieved a goal. Do you think that an Olympic Athlete got really good at their sport over night? No it was hours and hours of training and hard work I am sure that there were moments when they wanted to give up. Moments when they wondered what on earth it was all about?

This is all part of the path you have to walk to achieve your dreams. It is a test of whether you really want it. If it was easy would you value your achievement when you actually got there?

I was sat at Tahiti Airport and there was a boy occupying himself with his yo-yo. He had his headphones on and you could hear that he was working in time to the beat of the music. What was amazing was that this boy was amazing with the yo-yo. He was obviously making the most of every opportunity to practise, every space piece of time was filled with mastering a new move. He went wrong a few times and the yo-yo dropped limply but he carried on until he had mastered that move. He maintained focus for an hour and it was a joy to watch.

So how do you get really good at something?

  • Keep focus on the end result.
  • Keep picking yourself up when you fall.
  • Perseverance
  • Maintain an open mind.

If you can think of anymore examples please feel free to leave a comment.

Have a super weekend!

How do you become really good at something?


Time, patience, dedication and practice.

When you were learning to walk, you were so determined that you would get to what you had your intent focus on that you pulled yourself up and you took steps towards it. If you stumbled or fell down then you would continue to remain focused on your goal. You would stand up and continue to stake the steps need to get to what you wanted. 

Now you are an adult you walk automatically. It is a learn behaviour. I very much doubt that you waste any time thinking about how you walk. You just point yourself in the direction you want to go and you get there. 

Do you think that someone who does something amazing, a world record holder, a motor racer, a dancer, has just been born that way? Some people have a natural gift and that can help them along their way but you ask anyone who has gone to the top in what they are doing and they will say hard work, dedication, practice but most of all they didn’t give up! 

If you really really want something, you want to change you life, or to achieve something you must first take a step. If you fall down when you are walking towards that goal. You need to pull yourself up and continue to walk. 

Nothing in life is chance or luck. You make your own success by the level of perseverance you are prepared to put into it. The path may be long, but it will be worth it!