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Bertie and Croc meet Molly


Bertie and Croc had been on quite a whirlwind of adventures so far and they still had many more to go. Croc had gained more and more enthusiasm and confidence as the journey had continued and Bertie felt very proud to be helping him along his journey of croc-discovery. Croc was learning lots of things. Not just about this strange new place he was visiting which was making his crocodile claws turn blue with cold but also about himself.

Today Croc was to learn a very important lesson about the travelling lifestyle. It was one which Bertie felt was very important to pass on to him. It was the lesson of taking time out and to enjoy being still.

Bertie, being an experienced traveller, knew all about travel fatigue. He had also learn how to help combat it. Today he took Croc to his favourite historical city. The city of York. York has so many places to explore and see, with buildings and architecture older than Croc had ever realised could be possible.

The first place Bertie took Croc was Molly’s tea rooms. A small tea room above several levels of an antique shop. As they passed the rows and rows of cabinets filled with ancient goodies Croc was keen to start looking but Bertie was adamant that they stopped for a cup of tea and a scone. The cabinets soon gave way to cake filled displays and Croc was so thankful he had listened to Bertie.

The scone was perfect and Croc soon relaxed in the comfortable atmosphere sitting as close as he could to the tea pot so it warmed his crocodile scales like the Northern Territory sun. Soon Bertie and him were in their own little world, chatting happily about the adventures they had been on and taking some much needed time out for them.


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Special places

In today’s blog post I want to take you back to being a kid. I don’t know about you but I had a favourite place. This was my special place, where I felt safe. It was my thinking place, my drawing place and if I ever felt sad or confused at the world I knew I could go to this place and everything would be Okay again. This place could have been your bedroom, a den, a garden shed, it didn’t matter it was yours. For me it was the dog’s bed, but only when the dog was in it! Mad but true!

Then we grow up!

School trains us to think logically, to process ideas and concepts and to work towards getting a good job and function as a cog in the wheel of society. We begin to grow up and out of “silly ideas” and concepts from childhood. Life becomes so full of different things demanding our attention and we forget to take the time to refresh ourselves. Life becomes a treadmill.

But what if you decided to step off the treadmill, just for a moment, and to go to your special place from childhood? What would happen? The treadmill would still be there when you returned to it. Hopefully you would feel different. More refreshed, happier and ready to run with life?

I want to share with you my special place now. Unfortunately my dog’s bed now is far too small for me, so I had to discover a new place. I don’t want to tell you where it is as there is a solitude there which I love. I love how the seasons change the feel of it. I love how the sun glitters through the trees, how the trees group together to protect me from the rain and how I feel an unbelievable sense of calm and belonging. I can even have a moment of childhood maddness and climb a tree! This is my special place. When the world feels too much this is where I go to come back to myself, to find my balance. It helps me to focus and return to myself so that I can continue my day, my week with more energy and passion and drive.

Where’s your favourite place? And if you don’t have one….maybe its time to relive your childhood and find one. Good luck!

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The POWER of communication

In today’s society it has never been easier to communicate with such a broad range of people from all over the world. Never before has the human race been exposed to the opportunities it has today. Social media sties, blogging, sharing pf photographs, videos and words are over whelming. People have a voice, and we want everyone to hear what we have to say!

There is a problem, however. Communication is only effective if the parties involved are interpreting the media used in the same way! Inuit cultures (Eskimos) have a large number of words for “snow”, whereas in Britain we have one. This is because their culture have adapted to live in a climate where knowing, describing and communicating exactly what kind of snow you are dealing with is extremely important! One person may interpret a having a tropical fish tank as being geeky, where as someone else may find it extremely relaxing. When we communicate we are usually coming from a place within our own understanding and internal perception. If the person we are communicating with does not have the same understanding, perception or interpretation of what we are communicating then we can find ourselves in a rather frustrating position!

What happens if the person you are trying to communicate with does not want to actually know what you have to say? Too many people are wrapped up with the self talk inside their heads that they are not really listening to what other people are saying.

So how do you improve your communication with someone? Follow the simple steps below and see what happens:

  1. Keep it simple and stick to your main points.
  2. Listen actively to what the other person is saying; try not to get wrapped up in your own internal dialogue and try to not think of a response. In doing this you ensure that you understand the other person’s perspective.
  3. Make eye contact, it demonstrates that you are interested in the other person’s reaction to what you are saying /you are listening to what they are saying.
  4. Summarise to demonstrate your understanding. Repeat what you understand the main points are of what the other person has said.
  5. Present your view, opinion, argument etc. based on any of the main points you have disagreed on or fill in the gaps in the other persons understanding.
  6. Ensure that the words you are using mean the same to the other person as you. For example, disappointed to one person could mean upset or let down, whereas to someone else they could feel devastated.
  7. Keep checking the other persons understanding of what you are expressing.
  8. Don’t use personal terms or identification phrases which the other person may not understand, such as my niece in the photograph. If I do not know your family, I would not know who your niece was.
  9. Be aware of your body language, for example having your arms folded across your chest could be seen as defensive.
  10. Try and communicate face to face if there is any tension. It is easy to blast any angry e-mail or text to someone but when you are in front of that person your reactions may be different.

Just for fun and to prove that actions speak louder than words……what is the little chap below trying to say to you?


The awesomeness of nature

There is a field near where I live that has just been bought for development. Within a year it has been transformed from farmer’s crops to a building site. However, while the builders are focusing systematically on one section at a time, nature has decided to meet them half way.

Within the year since the land has been left to itself nature has reclaimed it and transformed it into a sea of wild flowers, dancing butterflies and colour. The transformation is truly magical and a powerful reminder that nature is strong and was here first.

If the entire human race left the planet today within a few months our deserted buildings would be reclaimed by nature. I only have to look at the ever stubborn weeds in my garden to know that it does not take long for things to start to grow in an empty space.

Now take that awesomeness of nature and apply it to you, as a person, as an individual. You are a product of nature. You grow and change and adapt. Now if, in your mind, you made some space, you cleared away some weeds of negative thoughts and outdated beliefs what would you choose to plant there instead? What weeds do you think that you need to remove?

A weed is something which you do not want to grow, something which left untouched will take over and control your garden gradually squeezing out all the things you would want to see there and draining the fertile soil of enrichment and good nutrients.

What thoughts and beliefs do you not want to grow? What outdated thinking do you not want to take over? How much weeding do you have to do?

Once you have recognised this, you need to also decide as you are pulling up these weeds and taking control, what do you want to grow instead? This is YOUR garden, only you experience it in its true splendour. Others may be able to have a sneak peek but this is all yours.

What is harder? Deciding what to let go of or deciding what to let in?

Alternatively, you could take the easy option and let the weeds take over. After all gardening takes time, dedication, persistence, patience and a lot of energy and strength. The choice is yours. How much time are you prepared to put into the perfect creation of you? And how amazing does it feel to sit back and look at your garden, enjoy being in your garden and spending time there knowing that you created this perfect and unique space.

2013 09 12 The awesomeness of nature

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Balancing act

Whilst I was texting a friend, I decided to take a few moments to check my e-mails on my phone…I do love technology! I was distracted with a twitter post and an hour and a half later I suddenly snapped out of my trance like state. That is the only way I can describe it. My head was buzzing with the conversations, posts, opinions and realities of people across the globe. I lost track of all time and felt that I had been sucked into an alternative dimension.

In an attempt to ground myself I decided to take Poppy for a walk. As I was walking I became aware of the sounds around me, of the stillness, how there was no breeze, the birds quietly tweeting in the background and how peaceful everything was.

Two contrasting feelings, which one made me feel the most connected to myself? There is a lot to be said for technology. It is brilliant how social media is allowing people to express their individual thoughts, feelings and opinions in a myriad of ways. However, is this the reality that you are living in. Life is all about balance. Ying and yang, good and evil, happy and sad. Without one you would not be able to truly appreciate the other.

How much balance do you have in your life? Do you take time out to spend in nature or doing the things you love, or being with the people you love?

Life is also about sharing experiences, and in an attempt to join technology with nature please find this weeks blog photograph. Hopefully, you will take a moment to bring some balance back into your busy life just like it managed to do with me.


A whole new perspective

After what seemed like forever the ballet pumps, tired and weary finally came to a rest. They were thrown off by the wearer in disgust and laid at the bottom of the passenger foot well, exhausted and shocked by the whole experience. It wasn’t just the experience of the journey but the rollercoaster of emotions that they had been on while on the journey.

The journey home seemed like a much shorter one. The ballet shoes were shocked, tired, bruised and torn. Life would never be the same again!

When they were eventually set down in the hallway they looked up at the now noble hiking boots sat proudly on the stairs. How could they ever say sorry? How could they ever explain what they had been through an learnt. It was all too much.

However, they didn’t have to say a thing. The hiking boots simply sat smiling, dropped an eyelet in a wink and went back to contemplating. Probably reminiscing about the amazing scenery that they had experienced thought the ballet shoes.

It was weird, they thought as they settled into the soft pile rug, but although they knew they were never alone because they went everywhere as a pair. Through this experience they felt so isolated and lonely.

SO what happened to our shoes that were taken completely out of their comfort zone? Well they went on to do great things! Their whole experience left them so shaken that they began to appreciate life in a completely new way. They became garden shoes, sitting at the back door and venturing outside now and again to put the washing out or fetch the bins round. This suited them just fine as it gave them pride of place to educate the new shoes coming through the house. After all it’s a big wide world out there and you never know when you could be whisked off on an adventure that takes you completely out of your comfort zone!

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