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Love is in the air

Key Image Photographers wooden heart
Love is for a lifetime, not just a day!

Ah, Valentine’s Day! Great if you have a significant other the spend it with but what about all those single people out there?

Why do you need someone else to validate that you are loved?

I was super excited one Valentine’s Day when a bunch of flowers mysteriously appeared on my doorstep. Did I have a secret admirer? Who could it be? All was revealed a few days later when I found out they were from my mum! She saw them when shopping and thought I would like them…..I spent days wondering who my admirer was!

I’ve spent many Valentine’s Days spoiling myself with all my favourite things….a long walk with my dog, my favourite cake, or going to my favourite class at the gym! Yes, while all those happy couples are scoffing loads of calories at over priced restaurants I’m working out so I look and feel super hot, sexy and single!

Even now I’m in a relationship I believe that every day should be Valentine’s Day….not just once a year.

So when you get up tomorrow hug your loved one like it’s Valentines morning. If you can’t hug your loved one hug yourself or your dog or your cat. Why not even hug your teddy and notice how much better you feel.

Love is for a lifetime, not just for Valentine’s Day.


A pre-Christmas joy!

I love Christmas. All the twinkling lights, the Christmas tree, stockings hung by the fire and mulled wine…yum! I especially love to see the spirit of Christmas, where people come together, invite a lonely neighbour over on Christmas Eve, share, laugh and really remind themselves of what life is all about.

That’s why watching the official Sainsbury’s Christmas video for 2015 gave me a few little chills…not only does it bring back fond childhood memories of being emerged in the world of Mog the Cat, it also reminded me that Christmas is about everyone coming together to celebrate as one.

I hope you enjoy being transported into the world of this clumsy little cat as much as I did.


Copyright Key Image Photographers ubuntu-elephants
Two female elephants protectively prevent the baby elephant from being taken downstream by the current. Photograph taken whilst volunteering at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

I have often written about the connection that I feel to nature. I love being in the woods, surrounded by trees, the older the better. I love sitting in trees and feeling the comfortable swaying embrace of them. I also love being around animals, especially dogs.

Poppy showing me her “happy face” The wind blew and caught her ears at the perfect time!

I have grown up with dogs. My first dog was there from birth and was my protector, my calmness and my best friend. My little Poppy, pictured above, has been my constant companion and has made me smile when I never thought I would smile again. I have worked with elephants, volunteered with animal sanctuaries and at one point felt I had my own animal sanctuary when I owned a disabled guinea pig and a ferocious rabbit who would chase birds from the garden.

Rascal, the most appropriately named rabbit
Rascal, the most appropriately named rabbit

But what about people? I find people harder to connect with than nature and animals. With an animal what you see is what you get. They are very true to themselves and they show their emotions. I have met many a cat who has shown their distaste at your existence.

People I find more complicated to understand. I can instantly feel when someone is not being true to themselves or when they are hiding something and it places me in a position of unrest in their company. I have met people who are selfish and needy, only wanting to validate their own self worth and, I am embarrassed to admit, I myself have been this way at a point in my life where I wanted someone else to desperately show me that I was good enough.

I have also met the most wonderful and open souls. People who are calm, confident within themselves and who genuinely care about other people. They don’t announce their grand gestures on Facebook or for the world to see, what they do they do because it comes naturally to them. I have been very fortunate to have had these people come into my life.

I have included a video link in this post today. It is from a TED talk by a man called Boyd Varty. He talks about the African term of Ubuntu, which is difficult to translate into English but Boyd describes it as “I am, because of you”

Click on the link Ubuntu and find yourself transported to 14 minutes of inspiration. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Walking in step with true friends

2015 06 in step. Copyright Key Image Photographers

Have you ever met someone and you have just felt so unbelievably comfortable in their presence instantly?

You just feel relaxed with them. You can be yourself with them.

Some people believe this is a soul mate connection, you have known this person in another life and your soul has recognised them.

This is an usual feeling for me to get with someone as, in truth, I am suspicious of most people I first meet. I use to be very trusting, I would take people’s word as truth, I would believe what they would say to me and I would not question their integrity.

What happened? I got hurt. Not just once, repetitively by several different people continuously over several years. People who were not true to their word, who were only thinking about personal gain and people who let me down.

Over time I came to realise that these people were not walking in step with me. Their path was taking them a different direction and the easiest way to deal with the upset and hurt was to watch them walk into the sunset and continue on my path without them.

When I do experience that relaxed and comfortable feeling with someone now I know now that it is because they are a true person. They are honest and comfortable with who they are. This is the gift the hurt I went through has offered me. I have the great fortunate to have met some incredible people along my journey and although we may not physically be in the same location, and be able to walk side by side, I know that when my days are a little darker they are walking beside me in perfect step with me, encouraging me to be the best that I can be.

Out of every negative there is always a positive, ying and yang.

To these friends I am truly thankful, I am glad that I have you walking beside me and this post is for you!

Have a great week 🙂

A snapshot from my past

I love my film camera!

It’s nothing special, a Pentax MZ 7, but it survived University with me. For the final two years of my degree it was just me and my camera photographing our journeys for my degree exhibition!

Then me squirrelling myself away in a dark room (I still love the smell of fixative) for hours trying to get the perfect print.

I saved so hard to buy my little Pentax and I really looked after it…there’s not a mark or scratch on it! It became an extension of me. A way to show the world a bit of my life, of my experiences.

I find myself, 11 years later, with a new camera…photographing my journeys for the world to see!!!

I’m obviously doing what I am meant to be doing!

Thank you for attending my life long exhibition.