Bertie’s Biggest Adventure Yet!

  Bertie and Croc's updates have been a little sporadic recently. There is a good reason why....Bertie has been on an even bigger adventure and has been producing his own book! So far he only has a draft version created but it is getting super exciting. Proof readers are providing positive feedback saying they love … Continue reading Bertie’s Biggest Adventure Yet!


Croc makes a choice.

Croc didn't have many memories from before he was found by Bertie hiding in the dust underneath the bunk bed. Maybe he had had a bump to the head, or maybe he had just blocked the memories out, he wasn't sure. What he was sure of that the memories he had with his best friend … Continue reading Croc makes a choice.

Heading out

As Bertie and Croc head out on a brand new adventure together they had no idea what to expect, but then thinking about it, they decided that they never knew what to expect anymore. It had been a rollercoaster of adventure since they first met two years ago and they had no doubt that this … Continue reading Heading out