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Waterfall adventure

Bertie by a waterfall

Bertie and Croc had had a long rest after running, well being carried on, a half marathon. Bertie’s legs ached from jumping up and down inside the pocket. Croc’s legs ached from clinging onto the material of the pocket for dear life praying he didn’t fall out.

The weather was beginning to warm up in the UK now. Croc hadn’t experienced the UK when it was warmer and he had found a safe and happy spot on the window sill where he could follow the sunshine all day. As the sun moved across the windowsill, so did Croc, shuffling when no one was watching.

Bertie was itching for another adventure and spent his time pacing backwards and forwards from the sunny windowsill to the camera case. This was how Croc got left behind!!!

You see on glancing into the camera case, and seeing Bertie, and being so use to Croc hiding. Nobody noticed that Croc was missing and so Bertie was whisked away on an adventure without his best friend. This was the first adventure he had been on by himself in a while and Bertie’s stomach began to churn and he felt quite upset! He hoped Croc wouldn’t be annoyed….

Bertie was whisked out into the light and heard mumbling noises, followed by a frantic fumble around in the bottom of the bag. Bertie knew he now wasn’t the only one who realised Croc was missing. “It’s OK, Croc will be at home” Bertie heard a voice say. “We will just have to take even more photographs of Bertie so he can show Croc where he has been!!!” Bertie suddenly felt a sense of purpose and responsibility.

He posed with his best smile, trying not to show how nervous he was, trying to be brave for the photographs for Croc, as he was placed on the cold, damp rocks in front of a loud and gushing waterfall. Bertie knew Croc liked water but he wasn’t sure what his best friend would make of water which was this enthusiastic…..what do you think Croc would think of the waterfall?



The mystery is solved!


Croc had been searching high and low for Bertie’s missing ribbon. He had been to the top of the Christmas tree and to the bottom of it, braved looking in dark and scary Christmas stockings and felt like he had left no stone un-turned. He was beginning to feel a little down hearten and could feel his positivity waning. His determination still remained strong and he began to try to approach the situation logically by retracing Bertie’s steps over the past few days.

Bertie, on the other hand, was feeling completely defeated. He had given up on ever seeing his red ribbon again and as they reached the top of the stairs, after a long climb, tears began to roll silently down the fur of his cheeks.

As Croc made his way into the bedroom, he realised that Bertie was no longer following him. He turned to see Bertie stood still looking at him with tears falling down his face. He rushed to his friends side and grabbed his paw gently in his tooth filled mouth and dragged him into the bedroom. He sat Bertie down on his favorite seat in the window and they watched the sun come up. They were both exhausted.

As the sunlight began to chase away the darkness in the room, Croc could hear Bertie’s little sobs. In one final attempt to cheer his beloved friend up he picked up the tall, top hats they had been wearing for the wedding. It had made Bertie laugh so much when he had seen Croc dressed up that Croc decided this was a good way to get Bertie to smile.

As he attempted to flip the hat onto his head it missed completely and rolled off landing at Bertie’s feet. As the hat rolled round and round Bertie sat staring at it. He had stopped sobbing. Croc watched as Bertie lend down and pulled at the red lining of the hat! Although, it wasn’t red lining………it was Bertie’s red ribbon, safety stashed in the top of his hat!!!

Bertie leapt up and began doing a happy little dance and then he jumped on his best friend and threw his short, bear arms around him as far as they would go. Croc, not sure what to make of all the noise, excitement and physical contact, froze in shock. They both looked at the red ribbon. Then Bertie realised he had a new dilemma, who would put it back on?

The search continues…..


As Bertie sat mesmerised by the light glinting on the Christmas bauble, Croc was on a mission! He had set out to find Bertie’s missing red ribbon and he was determined to find it. If there is one thing you should know about a crocodile, it is when they focus their minds to something, they always maintain their focus.

Bertie heard a small squeak which sounded a bit like a squeaky ball being squeezed just as it’s squeaker was about to give up and squeak it’s last. Basically, it was a bit of a pathetic squeak. The noise snapped him back to reality and he realised that Croc was no long clinging to the branches of the Christmas tree next to him.

Looking down through the tangles of colours reflecting off the tinsel and baubles, Bertie could just make out a very determined, little green shape working its way carefully, and purposefully towards to bottom of the tree. He began to follow Croc.

What Bertie saw next really amazed him. His usually shy and retiring friend made his way straight up to another teddy and boldly questioned him about seeing a red ribbon. Bertie had never seen such determination and began to glow in admiration for his best friend. The teddy Croc was speaking to was a Christmas stocking and, much to Bertie’s surprise, Croc politely asked if he could have a look inside his stocking pouch before boldly sticking his head into the darkness.

Croc wiggled deeper.

Everything seemed to freeze and then Croc began to mumble something. His back legs wiggled furiously. Then Bertie began to giggle. He realised Croc was stuck!

Bertie made his way up towards Croc’s feet and gave them a tug. Both toys fell from the stocking and landed on a soft heap of carefully wrapped presents giggling.

“I thought I would never escape” breathed a shocked Croc. Then, much to Bertie’s surprise, Croc announced, “I couldn’t see your ribbon, let’s keep looking!” Grabbing Bertie’s paw, Croc dragged him off to continue the search…..

Missing ribbons and Christmas baubles


Bertie and Croc have been chilling out after their celebrity filled weekend last week! Bertie was so tired last weekend that he couldn’t be bothered to take the jacket and trousers off that he had worn for the wedding.

Croc, on the other hand, wouldn’t stop rolling around and complaining until the small, top hat which was placed on his head had been removed. He settled down quickly afterwards to recover from the trauma of being touched and picked up by strangers.

It was dark and warm when Croc woke up to the oddest sound…..He listened carefully and sank deeper into the darkness of the book which was lent against the radiator and had become his den. Feeling brave he slowly peeked out. He could see Bertie in the corner of the room, huddled in a ball, he was wobbling. Then he heard the noise again, a long sniff followed by several small huffs. Croc stared in the direction of the noise but the only thing he could see was Bertie. Then he realised, the noise was coming from Bertie!!! Bertie was in tears!!!

Shocked, Croc silently made his way across the obstacle course of the room to get to his best friend. “What’s wrong?” whispered Croc in concern. Bertie took some time to compose himself. He pointed to his neck and sobbed “my ribbon, I’ve (sniff) lost (sniff) my ribbon!”

Croc looked in horror at Bertie’s bare neck. The fur there was cleaner and flatter where Bertie’s red ribbon had once been. He didn’t know what to do or say so, being a very practical kind of Croc, he set out on a mission to find it with Bertie stumbling along behind him sobbing.

Bertie and Croc searched high and low. In the cupboard, in Bertie’s wedding suit, in a suitcase, at the top of the stairs and at the bottom. They snuck into the living room and, as the door creaked open quietly, Croc stopped in amazement. There in front of him was the Christmas tree, all lit up, with tinsel and baubles glinting in the moonlight. Maybe it is in there? Thought Croc. Slowly he made his way up the branches with Bertie following closely. They stopped to admire baubles on the way and ask other bears on the tree if they had seen the missing red ribbon.

Croc began to notice that Bertie no longer made the sobbing sounds, but was happily distracted looking at the Christmas baubles.

I wonder whether they will find Bertie’s red ribbon???

What are friends for?

Wow. Two years ago today Bertie and Croc first met. Croc had a different name then and over time he has developed the nickname of Croc.
It’s always good to start a story from the very beginning….

Key Image

Bertie and Colin May 2014

Bertie didn’t know much about friendships. He had always been a pretty solitary bear. He found that he had problems relating to other toys. They just didn’t seem to have had the same past as him and he found that his past did shape his views and who he has become.

Then one day, in a hostel Bertie found a friend…..under the bed, with a small layer of dust gathering on him, alone and abandoned, just like Bertie was Colin the Crocodile. Bertie was so shocked at first to see him there. As he started to speak to Colin Bertie began to realise that they had a lot in common. He had never met another abandoned teddy before and he felt a strange urge to help Colin. After all, it was not too long ago that Bertie was in the exact same situation as Colin.

Little did Bertie realise that…

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On closer inspection…


On their way towards the car park at Sandal Castle, Croc asked Bertie about the many different plant and flowers he was seeing. Croc had never left Australia before and some of the simple things which Bertie never really noticed were really catching his attention. He didn’t realised that there could be so many subtle differences between two countries.

Bertie happily pointed out the flowers and trees. Croc was especially drawn to the brightly coloured daffodils. They reminded him of mini sunshines and as he leaned further out of the coat pocket he was in to get a better look he began to feel himself slipping. Seeing his friend in danger, Bertie grabbed hold of Croc’s tail, but it was too late. Momentum had already taken hold and was stronger than Bertie’s grip. Both Bertie and Croc tumbled towards the floor.

The bump of their landing wasn’t has heavy as Bertie knew it should be. When they both opened their eyes they realised they were in the middle of the very flowers Croc had been leaning out of the pocket to admire. They both looked at each other and started laughing.

Thankfully for these two adventurers, their absence from the coat pocket didn’t go un-noticed and soon they were scooped up and placed back into safety. Croc commented on how lovely the daffodils had smelt when they were laid in the middle of them. Bertie agreed. Croc decided that he was beginning to like Bertie’s home and started to feel excited about where he would be taken to next. His crocodile adventurous spirit has started to awaken and stir!

Where would we be without good friends?

2015 12 06 Bertie and Croc

A good friend should always tell you the truth, they should be honest with you? Sometimes this is easier said than done. A friend who cares about you will not want to see you upset or hurt but also they will not want to see you make an idiot of yourself, unless they are also dressed up in the same fairy outfit sprinkling fairy dust on unsuspecting passer-bys but that’s a whole other blog!

Being honest with someone can be harder than you think. If you know what you have to say is going to be hurtful then there are ways of saying it and going about introducing the topic. The longer you let it linger the harder the delivery will be! If you have not stood back and thought about how you would feel if someone was saying to you what you are about to say to your friend, then you are not speaking from a place of love and concern for the other person, only from a place of anger and frustration. This will come across in your delivery. Ask yourself, how would I feel if I was to be told this? How would I like someone to speak to me?

I am fortunate enough to have some lovely people in my life who care about me. They have sometimes had to tell me things, pretty bluntly, that I have not wanted to hear (thank you dad and Chris!) but I have never questioned their motive or intention. Knowing they have my best interests at heart makes me listen to their advice, whether I like it or not.

If you are questioning whether a friend is justified in their words then pay attention to how you feel when they are talking to you. Do you feel remorse and a deep knowing that they are right even if you don’t want to admit it? Do you feel valued and understood? Have they given you time to talk to them about what they have said? How have you felt when you left the conversation?

Any form of relationship is work in progress. It is appreciating and respecting the other person as well as yourself. It is listening as well as talking, open communication and most of all love and understanding. We are all human beings on one big adventure called life. You will mess up now and again and you will make decisions which, on reflection, were stupid but ultimately if you have good, true, honest and loving friends by your side together you can conquer any mountain!

How would you tell a friend something which you think they would find hard to hear?