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A year of adventure!

2018-01-09 Norway post

As Bertie and Croc looked back at 2017 they realised they had been very busy! So busy, in fact, that they haven’t had time to blog about all the things they managed to fit in.

After Bertie and Croc exchanged Christmas gifts and placed their special decorations on the Christmas tree they found themselves looking back at photographs. They have been to Rome, moved house and welcomed a new arrival to the family. They also went on another iconic trip which they haven’t written about.

This trip was a little colder than Rome. In fact, Bertie almost wished that he had packed his woolly hat! Croc wished he was back in the fountain in the boiling heat in Rome.

The next few blogs will be about Bertie and Croc’s trip to Norway!

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as Bertie and Croc enjoyed experiencing Norway….


A new arrival


Bertie and Croc have been a little hit and miss with their blog posts in the past few weeks and it is time to reveal why….

As it got closer and closer to Christmas, Bertie and Croc were surprised to find that they had sat on the living room coffee table for some time. In fact, Bertie was beginning to worry he would get dust in his fur. Croc, being accustomed to sitting still for several days at a time, wasn’t too bothered by remaining stationary. He was, however, bothered about the many cards which kept appearing on a daily basis and taking over the small remaining space next to him. he refused to move over but then he was also worried he may disappear under a mountain of paper never to be seen again!

“What on earth is going on?” Whispered Croc to Bertie. They had never been left alone for this long before.

“I’m not sure” Bertie replied. “But I plan to find out. Come on!”

Grabbing his friends paw he made his way carefully down from the coffee table and began to explore his surroundings.

There was the usual stools and books in the way, creating huge obstacles for the two, tiny friends. There was also something distinctly new. Bertie made a be line for this. It felt the best place to start. As they carefully climbed up the side of the basket which was perched near the warmth of the radiator they heard an odd noise. Both friend froze and looked at each other.

A dog! Thought Bertie. They must have brought a dog!!!

He was praying silently that the dog liked bears and wasn’t the type of dog which would pull a small bear to pieces. He shuddered at the thought and decided it would be best not to mention anything to Croc.

As they peered over the top of the basket both friends stopped in shock! It wasn’t a dog…..

“It’s a baby!” Said Bertie in shock!!! No wonder their family had been distracted.

The two friends looked at each other. “What do we do now?” Asked Croc. “Well” Said Bertie “I guess this is the start of a whole new adventure!”


To all my blogging friends, please bear with me if my posts are inconsistent. I may be slightly distracted for a while with our new arrival! I will try to continue to post about Bertie and Croc’s adventures when ever I can. Thank you 🙂 

Friends are the family we choose


Our last post saw Croc having to make a difficult decision indeed. Did he stay on an adventure, heading into the unknown with Bertie or did he join his family and stay safely huddled on a shelf? Croc chose Bertie and, like all big decisions, now he was back in the car and on the move again he was beginning to doubt himself.

Bertie had noticed Croc’s mood change, which would have gone unrecognised to anyone who wasn’t a friend of Crocs. Croc didn’t really do moods, or expressions or emotions. He did hiding, lurking in pockets and observing the world. This was a whole new experience for Croc and Bertie knew exactly what it felt like.

Eventually Bertie shuffled closer to Croc on the dashboard of the Hilux they were travelling in. Trees and red dirt whizzed by outside but Croc had turned his back and was looking most confused. Bertie nudged Croc, “What’s wrong?” He asked. Croc looked at him with big sad eyes and shrugged. “Let me see if I can help” said Bertie and he launched into one of his tails of travel and adventure. It didn’t seem to help. Bertie sat silently next to Croc and began to feel Croc’s downtrodden mood too. Looking wistfully out of the window Bertie said quietly, “You know, I don’t have a family. I don’t even know who my family are. I do have a friend. The only friend I have ever had and he is like my family. I read once that friends are the family we choose for ourselves.” Croc looked up and raised a small crocodile paw and pointed to himself. Bertie nodded and Croc began to smile!

It turns out that Croc didn’t really know his family who were all huddled on the shelf. In his short life he had spent most of it with Bertie, which meant he had chosen his family after all.

Two friends, on an adventure into the unknown. What could be better than that? Croc decided. Bertie said, “It’s not about making the wrong or right decision Croc, it is about having the opportunity to make a decision at all.” Croc smiled and nodded and watched the trees and red dirt whizz past the window. Where to next he wondered?

Croc makes a choice.

2016-01-09 11.48.57

Croc didn’t have many memories from before he was found by Bertie hiding in the dust underneath the bunk bed. Maybe he had had a bump to the head, or maybe he had just blocked the memories out, he wasn’t sure. What he was sure of that the memories he had with his best friend Bertie were pretty awesome so far!

Imagine Croc’s surprise when, after they had headed away from Darwin, he was carried into a store in the comfort of a pocket and there on the shelf was his FAMILY!!!

Croc nearly fell out of the pocket in shock. Lots of Croc teddies all looking back at him, some with darker fur than his, some with lighter, some with happier eyes, some with sadder. Oh my goodness what was a Croc to do???

Well this little Croc had to make a quick decision. Did he leap out in a completely un-croc like manner and race towards his family and risk being here forever, or did he stay in the comfort of the pocket?

Croc looked at Bertie, who seemed completely oblivious to the decision with his little travelling companion was about to make. He looked back at his family and waved, then in a complete Croc-like way he sank into the dark depths of the pocket and nestled into the tissue which was placed there as a cushion for him. Croc had adventures to go on and this was no time for sentiment.

A pre-Christmas joy!

I love Christmas. All the twinkling lights, the Christmas tree, stockings hung by the fire and mulled wine…yum! I especially love to see the spirit of Christmas, where people come together, invite a lonely neighbour over on Christmas Eve, share, laugh and really remind themselves of what life is all about.

That’s why watching the official Sainsbury’s Christmas video for 2015 gave me a few little chills…not only does it bring back fond childhood memories of being emerged in the world of Mog the Cat, it also reminded me that Christmas is about everyone coming together to celebrate as one.

I hope you enjoy being transported into the world of this clumsy little cat as much as I did.

What is home?

Sometimes I forget what home is.

I am divided between two places at the moment with connections and family and friends in each. It is a surreal feeling. Like I am living in two worlds, parallel universes.

Home for me is somewhere you feel comfortable. It is familiar. It is relaxing and it allows you the space just to be you.

So many people place an emphasis on the material aspect of home….it is 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double driveway.

For me home is love, safety and security. It is about the feeling that it brings. Home could be a person or a pet. When I see my dog and cuddle her, I feel like I am home.

A long time ago my house did not feel like my home. It felt dark, negative and depressing.

I made a conscious effort to change that. I redecorated. Tidied up. Cleared things out which I no longer needed. It was therapeutic and cleansing to me as well as the building. I began with the intention of creating a space which was mine. Which I felt comfortable in. I wanted to feel like I was getting a hug when I walked through the door.

I went back to that space this week. I haven’t lived there for nearly 18 months now and it felt weird. The memories were still there but the feeling was different. It felt empty and cold and I realised that it was my energy and intention which made the space so warm and inviting.

Home, to me, is now somewhere different. I actually feel like I carry it with me more. Home is inside of me. It is transportable. I sound like a snail! Maybe I am?

What is home to you?

The decision has been made!

IMG_0841 copyright Key Image

I feel the need to apologise for my sporadic and inconsistent blog posts and to share with you my reason for this.

I am about to embark on one of my biggest adventures yet!

I am always encouraging my readers and friends to follow their dreams and I am in the process of actually following my own advice. In my experience you don’t get to know about things unless you actually experience them. You can empathise with others and imagine what people are going through but experiencing something yourself puts an emotional link to it between your head and your heart.

When I was 7 years old I proudly announced to my mum that I was going to live in Australia. My mum’s quick response was “No, you are going to school” which was extremely accurate at the time. I grew up with a secret ambition to live in a different continent. I didn’t get the opportunity to travel abroad until I was in my early 20’s. My holidays were always the classic British seaside and caravan holidays, filled with ice cream and stalking animals to photograph at night through woods!?

In 2006 I finally travelled to Australia for a holiday. It was a dream come true and I cried when I had to go home. I vowed I would return and began to research how I could move to Australia to live. Unfortunately, due to societies expectations, a serious lack of confidence and a huge heartbreak, these dreams were soon dismissed and put in a box to gather dust.

Finally, this year I returned to Australia and fell in love all over again (in more ways than one). I made the decision to begin the process to move to Australia permanently. Little did I know the endless form filling, personal questions and evidence providing (I am honestly surprised I have not been asked what colour pants I am wearing!) this entailed. I am still awaiting the outcome of the latest form filling quest!

Then there is the emotional attachments to the “stuff” I have collected in my life. Possessions which now have little meaning, such as my house in the UK. I never realised how many pairs of shoes I actually owned!!! I can also collect cups at an alarming rate and how many pizza cutters does one person actually need?

In my decision to follow my dreams and start a new life on the other side of the world I have also been dealing with preparation of the separation from my friends, family and most of all my beloved and faithful Jack Russell cross. It turns out my dog is faithful to whoever provides the best treats and entertainment and has now devotedly taken to following my dad everywhere he goes, much to his delight! I am often asked why I am not taking her with me, and the answer is because I love her too much to put her through the flight and quarantine requirements. She is such a social animal and very timid. It would be far too stressful for her and it would be selfish of me to put her through it. She will just have to learn to deal with the endless attention and cuddles that my parents provide, the top of the range specialised dog food and the huge allotment she “helps” my dad to dig.

So the lack of consistency in my posts is mainly to do with the excitement, stress, giddiness, shock, and square eyes from filling out online forms!

I have decided to tell the world about my adventure and hopefully my journey through this will inspire others to follow their dreams as well.

Remember, your dreams can be a reality with a bit of confidence, determination and sheer stubbornness!

I hope you have a super week…..until we speak again, keep smiling! 🙂