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Full steam ahead

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Croc had seen several amazing sights since he had started his travels with Bertie and today he was in for a treat!

Croc and Bertie were becoming experienced travellers. Bertie, especially, has travelled by plane, car, van, camper van, 4 wheel drive, tuk-tuk, motorbike, boat and helicopter, and those are the ones he can remember. Today he was to show Croc the one thing he was yet to travel on.

As they emerged from the camera bag, Croc could see they were on a platform at a train station. He began to wonder where they were going today. Bertie had been distracted by the huge, green train which was opposite them. This was not the normal kind of train he was use to seeing. It was rounder, fuller and had huge wheels.

A sudden toot made both friends jump back into the safety of the bag. “What was that?” Whispered Croc. Bertie bravely when to have a look. He could hear a weird noise and couldn’t see much at first for some smoke. As the smoke cleared Bertie’s eyes grew big. Excitedly, he leapt into the camera bag and grabbed Croc before he could protest. He pulled him into the light and pointed.

There was a cloud of smoke and as it cleared a huge, steam train pushed its way through the smoke and began to move towards them on the tracks. Croc wasn’t sure about this huge, iron beast and tried to sink back into the bag, but Bertie wouldn’t let him escape this time.

Bertie explained they were perfectly safe as long as they weren’t on the tracks. He pointed to the safety lines marked out on the platform and explained to less than convinced friend, that the trains couldn’t come up here and they would be fine. Before Croc could argue, Bertie had dragged him onto the platform to pose for a photo in front of the train. Croc looked at his friend with some confusion. What had got into Bertie? He could hardly stay still. He was so excited he was hopping up and down on the spot.

Croc looked at Bertie’s happy face and shrugged. “Oh well” He thought, “if it makes him happy.” He followed the hopping and excited Bertie around the platform as he tugged at Croc whenever they came near one of the huge engines. At one point, a train made an long toot on its whistle and Bertie started clapping his hands! That made Croc laugh.

By the time they had made their way back to the safety of the bag, Bertie was all worn out. He slept all the way home!

Would you be excited to see a steam train?


Own it! Feel it! Dream it! Do it!

IMG_0624 lightening copyright Key Image

I have a list. I call it my goals and aspirations list. Some people might call it a wish list but I would rather use a word that made the things on the list feel achievable and within reach.

The list has some big goals on, such as travel round South Africa. It also has smaller goals on. It is usually the smaller goals which are more important to you as an individual. They are more unique!

I am proud to say I have ticked a small goal….

And in ticking the small goal decided to aim to improve it even more!

What am I on about? Well since being a small girl I would get incredibly excited about thunderstorms. I loved the lightning. It use to scare me and make me jump so I would sit with my German Shepard cross dog, Max and watch the storms. Max was not bothered by the lightning, or the thunderclaps. He even liked fireworks! He would sit beside me like a stone statue, oozing calmness and showing me I had to be unflinchingly brave. These are happy memories. These memories are probably why I feel so excited and happy when there is a thunderstorm. It is an emotional association.

I have always dreamed of storm chasing to capture the perfect lightning bolt on camera. I have jumped in my car during many storms and desperately tried to race them to the highest point. Always without success.

I am now in a country where tropical storms are the norm. To my sheer joy and excitement two nights ago a huge thunderstorm descended on Perth. I stayed up most of the night to watch it. I also grabbed my camera, set up a make shift tripod using the balcony window ledge and a block of clay to lift the lens. My dad always taught me to use what was available, that you didn’t have to carry around a heavy tripod, there was always something to lean on.

I was jumping up and down clapping louder than the thunder when I captured my first lightning bolt. Believe me, it took a lot of patience and trail and error but then most things which you really want to achieve do.

I am now on a mission to improve these shots….practice will make perfect. My small goal has become a new desire and passion.

Own your desires and passions, even the small ones, because they are what make you uniquely you and who knows where they could take you!