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An evening arrival


Norway blog Bertie & Croc

Bertie and Croc now knew the signs that a new journey was just about to start. Bertie had even mastered being able to judge just how long the journey would be from the size of the suitcases which were loaded carefully into the car.

The familiar sounds of the airport and the familiar feelings of the plane taken off lulled both Bertie and Croc into a deep sleep. They lay at the bottom of the camera bag wondering where they would end up next. Bertie dreamt it was an exciting place with lots to see and do, Croc dream it was warm and had nice clear, warm waters for him to swim in.

When they finally stopped travelling Bertie knew they had arrived at their hotel. He had heard different words being spoken and knew that they were in a different country. He peeped out of the bag and made his way to the hotel window. It didn’t tell him too much looking at the cobbled street below.

What happened next came as a complete surprise to him….Both Bertie and Croc were scooped up and bundled into the camera bag. They were going out for an explore, but it was night time!?

When the sway of the bag stopped Bertie and Croc peeped out. A cool breeze brushed at their fur and Croc realised his dream of being somewhere warm wasn’t happening. The view in front of them was pretty spectacular! They were near what looked like a harbour, the water twinkled in the moonlight and a strange, abstract structure on the other side of the water was lit up like a Christmas tree. They could see the shadows of people moving around in front of the light, looked blurred and tiny next to the huge windows.

Croc wondered what this multi-coloured building would look like during the day. Bertie was pretty sure that they would get a chance to find out! Little did they both know how close they would get to this impressive piece of architecture.


Swarms of bees and painted ceilings

Bertie and Croc were on the move again. The bag they were in was swaying rhythmically but Bertie was so excited he clung to the sides with his little bear paws, not wanting to miss a moment of this journey.

For Croc it was all a bit much and he was quite confused at the fuss. There were far too many people out there in the big wide world and he sank slowly to the bottom of the bag and waited for Bertie’s excited squeak to alert him to something interesting.

He didn’t have to wait very long……

Bertie didn’t just squeak once but several times and his little legs kicked excitedly as he tried to pull himself up higher to get a better view. Croc sighed and decided he had better go and see what all the fuss was about. He was glad he did!

As Croc emerged into the light of the building they were in he realised they were in a long corridor. He was amazed at how many people were stuffed into the corridor. There were several different languages being spoken at once but there was also a weird hush over the whispered words. He was several different flags being carried by individuals who had crowds of people following them like bees. Then he realised Bertie was silent and looking up, craning his little bear neck as far back as it would go. Bertie’s eyes were wide in amazement, a look Croc had not seen on his friends face for a long time now.

Croc twisted to lay on his back…..looking up wasn’t his strong point. His eyes grew wide too. The ceilings were covered in paintings. Hundreds of them. All blending into one another in a massive story line. There were intricate decorative patterns all around each painting so they all had their own frames but were interwoven at the same time. There were paintings of people, animals, scenery….so much to take in!

The two friends found themselves being carried along in the wave of people. There seemed to be one direction to go and they were heading that way. Bertie and Croc watched the ceilings roll by like a slideshow.

Where will they go next and what will they see? They both wondered silently.

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Looking up

2017 07 ROME ceiling IMG_0187

When we last left our furry friends on their adventure they were in somewhere called Vatican and had posed for a photograph surrounded by lots of people with a big dome building in the background.

Croc was quite relieved to be moving back inside where it was a little quieter. He loved the sunshine and the heat so could understand why everyone wanted to be outside on a day like today. Bertie had made Croc giggle as he had been desperately looking in the bottom of the camera bag for his hat. He didn’t like to go out in the sun for too long as he had heard you could get sunburn. Anything with burn in the sentence didn’t sound like a good idea to Bertie!

All Croc could see of Bertie at the moment was his paws as he laid upside down looking for his hat. Bertie’s little legs were kicking around desperately trying to wiggle deeper into the bag. He was wiggling so much that he managed to kick open the lid of the camera bag. Croc looked up in shock and it was then he saw the most amazing ceiling he had ever seen!!!!

Quickly Croc began to tug on Bertie’s leg. Bertie, thinking Croc had found his hat, pulled himself the right way up and then looked up at where Croc was pointing. They both stared mesmerised by the symmetry of the ceiling and the gentle glow of the sunlight coming in through the impressively high windows.

Little did they know, this ceiling wasn’t the most impressive one they would see on this trip!!!

Bertie’s Biggest Adventure Yet!


Bertie’s book cover!

Bertie and Croc’s updates have been a little sporadic recently. There is a good reason why….Bertie has been on an even bigger adventure and has been producing his own book!

So far he only has a draft version created but it is getting super exciting. Proof readers are providing positive feedback saying they love it!

This weekend Bertie  spent ages in a photoshoot, getting his poses perfect, for his books front cover. He even had his fur brushed!!! (It can get a bit flat when you spend your life in a camera bag travelling the world.)

Bertie wanted to share with you his cover shoot. He will continue to keep you up to date on his book release and hopefully share some of our excitement with you. We are hoping it won’t be too long now before we can share the link to Bertie’s FIRST EVER book on Amazon!

In the meantime, once the excitement has died own a little, Bertie will be able to get back on task and working on more blog posts of his stories around the world.

He hopes you like the book cover and all that fur brushing wasn’t for nothing!

Historic Knaresborough

IMG_2298 Knaresborough

While sorting through some photographs I had a trip down memory lane when I came across these photographs taken in Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, UK. North Yorkshire has some pretty famous, historical and beautiful places. If you like history or walking (and don’t mind the rain) then it is definitely worth a visit!

Just past York lies Harrogate and Knaresborough. Knaresborough is a beautiful historic town with plenty to see. Look out for the painted windows when you walk through the city streets. There are also local walks which take you past some beautiful craved wooden sculptures.

One thing that draws a lot of attention is the water front. You can hire a boat and paddle down the River Nidd or simply kick back and relax in one of the many river side cafes.

There is also the amazing view from the top of the castle which is definitely worth a visit.

Times to visit:

Knaresborough hosts the annual Bed Race, held on the second Saturday of June. The event was first staged in 1966!

An annual town centre arts summer festival, FEVA (Festival of Entertainment and Visual Arts), has run since 2001

Random Knaresborough fact: There is still someone employed to look after the Queens Ravens at the castle!

How to get there:

Knaresborough has it’s own railway station and trains run regularly between Leeds and York. The town is four miles from junction 47 of the A1 (M)¬†Motorway (Great North Road), and on the A59 for those who prefer a more scenic route.

Amazing wood cravings hidden on a local walk
Amazing wood cravings hidden on a local walk
Boating on the river
Boating on the river

Faces in the rocks

For some time now I have noticed faces in rock formations. It has never been so prominent than when I have been travelling in the Northern Territories outback. One of my favourite ones is from King’s Canyon near Uluru. Kings Canyon offers an awesome walking track, amazing views and scenery and the beautiful and reflective Garden of Eden. I highly recommend a visit if you are planning a trip to Uluru.

The face I saw in the rocks here looks like a king I think, with his stern look, straight set mouth, prominent nose and beard staring across the land which is rightfully his.

2014 05 Kings Canyon Face copyright Key Image Photographers

All it takes is a little imagination and a keen eye to spot patterns in nature. Have you spotted any faces in the rocks recently?

Inspired by nature

IMG_1732 v2

This is the first time I have visited Western Australia in the spring time and I have been overwhelmed with the beautiful wildflowers which I have seen. The air in Kings Park is full of the scents of a multitude of flowers and the sound of bees humming happily.

I especially love the creativity of nature.

Humans often believe that we are the only creative species on this planet but when you take some time to look closely at nature you see all forms of creativity, from helicopter seeds falling from trees to opening flowers twisting their lids off to spiral out and unfold. The photograph below shows a clever waterproofing and protective film over these hardy mountain plants.

flower close up v2

Many patterns used by artists are inspired by nature. My fascination from an early age with being outside, observing and photographing nature has inspired several of my artistic projects. You only have to think of Wordsworth and his field of golden daffodils as an example of how nature has helped us connect to our creative side.

The next time you have having writers block or feeling stuck and stuffy from life, spend some time outside and be inspired by nature.