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Swarms of bees and painted ceilings

Bertie and Croc were on the move again. The bag they were in was swaying rhythmically but Bertie was so excited he clung to the sides with his little bear paws, not wanting to miss a moment of this journey.

For Croc it was all a bit much and he was quite confused at the fuss. There were far too many people out there in the big wide world and he sank slowly to the bottom of the bag and waited for Bertie’s excited squeak to alert him to something interesting.

He didn’t have to wait very long……

Bertie didn’t just squeak once but several times and his little legs kicked excitedly as he tried to pull himself up higher to get a better view. Croc sighed and decided he had better go and see what all the fuss was about. He was glad he did!

As Croc emerged into the light of the building they were in he realised they were in a long corridor. He was amazed at how many people were stuffed into the corridor. There were several different languages being spoken at once but there was also a weird hush over the whispered words. He was several different flags being carried by individuals who had crowds of people following them like bees. Then he realised Bertie was silent and looking up, craning his little bear neck as far back as it would go. Bertie’s eyes were wide in amazement, a look Croc had not seen on his friends face for a long time now.

Croc twisted to lay on his back…..looking up wasn’t his strong point. His eyes grew wide too. The ceilings were covered in paintings. Hundreds of them. All blending into one another in a massive story line. There were intricate decorative patterns all around each painting so they all had their own frames but were interwoven at the same time. There were paintings of people, animals, scenery….so much to take in!

The two friends found themselves being carried along in the wave of people. There seemed to be one direction to go and they were heading that way. Bertie and Croc watched the ceilings roll by like a slideshow.

Where will they go next and what will they see? They both wondered silently.

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Waterfall adventure

Bertie by a waterfall

Bertie and Croc had had a long rest after running, well being carried on, a half marathon. Bertie’s legs ached from jumping up and down inside the pocket. Croc’s legs ached from clinging onto the material of the pocket for dear life praying he didn’t fall out.

The weather was beginning to warm up in the UK now. Croc hadn’t experienced the UK when it was warmer and he had found a safe and happy spot on the window sill where he could follow the sunshine all day. As the sun moved across the windowsill, so did Croc, shuffling when no one was watching.

Bertie was itching for another adventure and spent his time pacing backwards and forwards from the sunny windowsill to the camera case. This was how Croc got left behind!!!

You see on glancing into the camera case, and seeing Bertie, and being so use to Croc hiding. Nobody noticed that Croc was missing and so Bertie was whisked away on an adventure without his best friend. This was the first adventure he had been on by himself in a while and Bertie’s stomach began to churn and he felt quite upset! He hoped Croc wouldn’t be annoyed….

Bertie was whisked out into the light and heard mumbling noises, followed by a frantic fumble around in the bottom of the bag. Bertie knew he now wasn’t the only one who realised Croc was missing. “It’s OK, Croc will be at home” Bertie heard a voice say. “We will just have to take even more photographs of Bertie so he can show Croc where he has been!!!” Bertie suddenly felt a sense of purpose and responsibility.

He posed with his best smile, trying not to show how nervous he was, trying to be brave for the photographs for Croc, as he was placed on the cold, damp rocks in front of a loud and gushing waterfall. Bertie knew Croc liked water but he wasn’t sure what his best friend would make of water which was this enthusiastic…..what do you think Croc would think of the waterfall?


Happy Birthday Bertie the Travelling Bear

IMG_1004 copy
Sit back and enjoy the ride

Bertie, Croc and me have been super busy the past few weeks. We have lots of ideas for blog posts but don’t seem to be able to find the time to actually sit down and compose one.

3 years ago my mum gave me a little bear to carry with me when I was travelling. She knew I usually travelled with my dog and would take photographs of her posing where ever we went. So, because I was not taking my dog on this journey, Bertie became my new travelling companion and what a journey it has been. I have decided that as I do not know Bertie’s exact birthday that this would be a good day to make his birthday. The day his journey really began.

This is the FIRST ever Bertie blog post I wrote. Three years on we are still writing, photographing and travelling. I promise to add some more blog content soon, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy this blast from the past…….. Meet Bertie the Bear

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bertie the Bear!!!

Bertie and Croc on Tor


Bertie and Croc woke up to find themselves in the familiar camera bag. They could feel the motion of a car and looked at each other excitedly….they were going somewhere. It was then our observant friend Croc realised Bertie still wasn’t wearing the red ribbon they had searched high and low for. Croc looked at Bertie’s face, he had a huge grin on it and excited eyes. Being the wise Croc he was he decided now wasn’t the time to point out missing ribbons. Instead he engaged Bertie in a conversation about where they could be going?

When the car finally stopped, the intrepid friends had a little longer to wait until they could peek at where they were. There were voices outside the camera bag, which turned to huffing and puffing and Bertie decided he was glad they were where they were, because outside of the bag sounded like hard work!!!

When they finally stopped, and had played paper, scissors, rock to see who would open the bags’ zip first (which was an interesting game considering neither one of them could make a flat palm for paper), Bertie won and opened the zip slowly to reveal…..

Bright sunshine, but a cold, crisp day. They peeped out together and saw lots of people and a HUGE stone tower. Mesmerised by the tower in front of him, Bertie realised Croc was tapping him and he looked round to see the most spectacular view! Croc had a big grin on his face and sat happily on top of the camera bag admiring the panoramic scenery.

Bertie had heard of this place, it had been mentioned a few times. They were at Glastonbury Tor! Bertie knew this to be a very historical site, where artefacts from the Iron Age and Romans have been found. Bertie explained to Croc that the Tor has lots of myths and legends surrounding it, especially in relation to King Arthur. It is considered a very spiritual place by some people even now. Croc wasn’t sure about spiritual, as he glanced at a funny looking chap dressed in rainbow colours playing the guitar sat at the entrance to the Tor. He was sure that the view was pretty awesome! It wasn’t the same as the Dreamtime stories Croc was use to but he was beginning to like some of these historical sites in England.

Can you spot Bertie and Croc in the photo?

The power of “like”

Ana copyright Key Image Photographers


I have just noticed that I have over 1500 followers of my blog!

This is awesome news. I remember a few years ago thinking that I was writing to myself. I still recall the buzz I felt when I got my first “like” and my first “comment”. People could actually relate to what I was saying!? That inspired me to keep writing and keep photographing, even on those days where I really didn’t know what to say.

I would like everyone to remember the power of a “like”. Too often people will just like something and then move on. To me, when I like something, it means that something in that persons blog has reached out and touched me. Just realised how creepy that sounds, what I mean is that their experience and perception of their experience is something which I can personally relate to. It creates a connection.

I feel that a “like” inspires and enthuses the owner of the post with positivity and a warm reassurance that we are out there and we are listening.

So go ahead and “like” something today, but do it with awareness and meaning. The power is in your hands. Use it wisely and don’t just give it away. Treasure it as a gift to someone who has put time and effort into what they are doing.

You just might be making someones day!

To wallow or not to wallow?

I think the hardest thing I have found about writing this blog has been still writing a post when I am not feeling at ease in my life.  I write to enthuse others, I want to help, to lift you all up and make you feel like you are ready to face the world. This is easy when things are going great in my life….I want to share the joy!

Not so easy if I feel like hiding from the world protected by a layer of duvet (or doona) with a hot water bottle, good book and an endless supply of chocolates!

I don’t know about anyone else but I find that I have to remind myself now and again that I am not this….


Although I would very much like to think my thighs looked like hers, it is time to come clean….I am not super woman.

My dog is the only one I know who has managed to maintain some sort of stable state of positivity, and even then she struggles when she sees that she is not coming with me when I go to the supermarket (tail down, slow walk to the bed pose and instant owner guilt trip).

IMG_2874 Poppy sulk

I really do think it is important that we remind ourselves that we are human and have a full spectrum of emotions. Don’t try to be happy if your not! It is okay to feel….go ahead, I am giving you permission. You see when let yourself feel, you are in the position to let go of whatever it is that is causing the emotions in the first place.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a difference between feeling low and wallowing…I mean if the whole box of chocolates have gone and now your finishing off the tub of ice cream, wallow alert! I speak from experience. I’m sure we have all been there at some point.

After you have satisfied your duvet hibernation, it is time to switch the feeling. Recognise when everything is getting too much. The thoughts are repeating themselves (my brain is the master at this!) and you start to spiral. This is when you need to say STOP.

A good friend reminded me the other week of the importance of an action plan. These were the questions I asked myself:

  • What is it that I am feeling?

Accept the feeling! Acknowledge it. Once you have acknowledged something is there you are in a position to be able to deal with it.

  • Why do I think I am feeling this?

It is important to be really honest with yourself here. Not just put yourself down and say that you are not good enough….WHY do you feel that you are not good enough? If you are not honest with yourself then you can not be honest with others. It is okay to not be sure what is causing the feeling. That is also being honest, although deep down you will know.

  • What can I do to change this feeling?

Not in a “put a smile on your face and get on with it” way but a genuine what needs to change?

  • Can I do anything about this?

There is a difference between want and can’t…most people don’t want to change something about their present circumstances due to fear.

  • What are the steps? What needs to happen first?

I firmly believe that the way to successful change is through one step at a time. Slow and steady wins the race. By all means grab at those opportunities but remember the steps YOU took to put yourself in the right place to be presented with those opportunities.

What do you do when you feel low?