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Happy Birthday Bertie the Travelling Bear

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Sit back and enjoy the ride

Bertie, Croc and me have been super busy the past few weeks. We have lots of ideas for blog posts but don’t seem to be able to find the time to actually sit down and compose one.

3 years ago my mum gave me a little bear to carry with me when I was travelling. She knew I usually travelled with my dog and would take photographs of her posing where ever we went. So, because I was not taking my dog on this journey, Bertie became my new travelling companion and what a journey it has been. I have decided that as I do not know Bertie’s exact birthday that this would be a good day to make his birthday. The day his journey really began.

This is the FIRST ever Bertie blog post I wrote. Three years on we are still writing, photographing and travelling. I promise to add some more blog content soon, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy this blast from the past…….. Meet Bertie the Bear

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bertie the Bear!!!


How do you celebrate yours?

Beautiful spring blossom in Hyde Park, Perth

It’s an interesting topic, the topic of birthdays.

If you think back to when you were a child birthdays were so exciting. You got presents and cake and people made a big deal out of you being another year older.

You spend your entire teens waiting for the next birthday, to be one year older and then you can….drive a car, smoke and drink, vote and do all the things adults do!

As we grow past the exciting birthday milestones of our 18th and 21st birthdays become, for most people, a sensitive topic. A downhill journey where each year brings you closer and closer to getting older. Birthdays can become less of a milestone and more of a hurdle. I was once told after I turned 25 years old that “its all downhill from now…”

For me, I decided a long time ago that I wanted to enjoy every moment of my special day. I wanted to view birthdays with the child-like excitement and wonder which I had had when I was little. This revelation came after a particularly depressing and very none eventful birthday where I sulked alone in my own little world. The following year I decided to do something special for me. I would buy myself a gift. Take myself somewhere nice and do all the things I wanted to do on my special day.

I now have a count down to my birthday. I eat cake, ice cream and don’t feel guilty. I always try and do something nice, something special for me. I have been to spa’s, travelled, brought myself a new MacBook just to name a few. I have balloons, birthday songs and tell everyone I meet (whilst proudly presenting my drivers licence with my date of birth on) that its my birthday!

Celebration cakes at work

I find most people find this sense of childish excitement quite baffling but uplifting. They join in singing Happy Birthday and they share my cake with me, they begin to smile and laugh at my 8 year old enthusiasm. I think it takes them back to their childhood when birthdays were something to celebrate rather than hide from.

This year I went to Perth and walked on the beach in the warmth. I visited my favourite parks and walked through the blossoming trees. I ate at one of my favourite places to eat and I had an awesome ice-cream smash! In the UK my birthday, being in November, has always been cold, wet, damp and an advocate for indoor activities so it was so very exciting to be outside in the blazing sunshine randomly telling people I was really excited because this was my first birthday in Australia.

I realised that if I change my attitude and belief system about something, then it carries other people along into that positive attitude.

So whenever your birthday is, let’s celebrate it! It is a very special and unique time where you came into this world to impart your special gifts and wonderful unique self onto the imprint of this planet. It was truly a special day! How do you choose to celebrate yours?