A little piece of home

As Bertie and Croc made their way through the carriages of the train they kept their eyes peeled for any sign of their home, the camera bag. One carriage on a train is a few strides for us but for our little furry friends it seemed like a hike. Croc was just glad that there … Continue reading A little piece of home


The journey continues…

When Bertie and Croc appeared at the entrance of the hotel the stone Polar Bear knew it hadn't gone well. Bertie showed him the note and quickly explained. "Hop aboard my little friends" he said, "I know the way. We will get there in no time at all." Bertie smiled up and him, Croc wished … Continue reading The journey continues…

A little hope

Back to our Norway adventure.... Will Bertie and Croc ever make it back to the camera bag they call home? Bertie and Croc watched as the boat they WANTED to be on, the boat which had their mobile home, the camera bag on, followed them smoothly just out of reach. There MUST be a way … Continue reading A little hope