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Prehistoric rocks

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It was a warm, sunny day and Bertie and Croc knew what that meant, an adventure!

When they finally peeped out from the camera bag they could hear seagulls calling and the crashing of waves. They were on a long stretch of beach. Croc was mesmerised by the grey looking ocean. It had been a while since he had seen the sea. As Croc stared at the sea, Bertie was watching the people on the beach. They were crowding around the cliff’s and the many large rocks which had come to rest on the sand. He wondered what they were all looking at and why they found the rocks so interesting?

As they moved further down the beach the cold, biting wind had forced Croc to sink deeper into the bag. Bertie, being a little more hardly and use to the cold, braved the wind and watched the people crowding around the rocks fade away.

Bertie and Croc came to rest on a small rock, sheltered by the cliff face. Croc, being closer to the ground than Bertie, began to study the rock they were sat on. He nudged Bertie and pointed at a mark on the rock. Bertie looked in the direction Croc was pointing, and then did a double take! It was a FOSSIL!

Bertie had heard of fossils but never seen one! Croc slid down the rock to a lower ledge and pointed at another shape in the rocks….the fossils were everywhere! Croc looked confused. Bertie explained that a fossil is a the impression or remains of a prehistoric plant or animal which has been embedded in the rock and has been preserved. These little swirls and shapes were animals which were millions of years old.

Croc stared in disbelief at the small patterns in the rocks.

Bertie was scooped up and gently placed in the camera bag. Croc didn’t want to leave, he wanted to keep looking for more fossils. As he was scooped up he grabbed hold of a piece of rock in an attempt to stay. The rock broke away and Croc was lifted, rock and all, and placed in the camera bag. Bertie was shocked. He didn’t usually like the idea of taking things from beaches. He preferred to leave things for everyone else to see. He had to admit though, the fossils embedded in Croc’s rock were pretty cool.

Croc clung to his rock all the way home. In fact, Croc is laid on his windowsill spot right now, on top of his fossil covered rock!


Lee Point Reserve, Darwin

2016 02 Lee point 3

Bertie’s weekend drive took him to Lee Point, a Northern suburb of Darwin, about 40 minutes from Darwin city centre. The beaches were long and empty. There was the roots of trees washed up on the beach which created small sheltered spots from the warm humid sun.

2016 02 Lee Point dog toys

Bertie noticed a small box as he was carried down to the beach. Inside it there were several balls and toys. It was a memorial to a dog called Jake who use to run and play on the beach. You can borrow a ball to play with your dog with and put it back in the box for the next person and their best friend to enjoy.

2016 02 Lee Point

What a lovely idea, Bertie thought as he settled down amongst the prominent roots of a nearby tree and watched a man throw a ball for his excitable Labrador.

What is creativity?

Sphere Copyright Key Image Photographers

What is creativity?

Is it someone else’s interpretation of your final product?

Is it a sketch, drawing, photograph, sculpture?

Is it a poem, a piece of music or a strum of chords?

I was recently given a photographic brief to be “creative”. That was it! I found this harder than being told specifics. It gave me complete free reign to create a wonderful piece of photographic work. However, the ultimate goal of the person who asked me to be creative was to sell a property….

This left me with a dilemma.

Do I go all out and start taking photographs of the perfectly symmetrical corners of the room and the interesting contrast of light and dark shadows which will mean absolutely nothing to someone looking to see if the property has two bedrooms or three? Or do I tone down my interpretation of creativity to a suitable level which still represents what the buyer would want to see but then it isn’t all out creative as I have the potential to be. When I asked, I was told to go “all out”!?

Creative enough or too far?
Creative enough or too far?

The confusion comes because the term “creative” is unique to the individual. Someone may feel that they have been creative when painting a wall a different colour in their house, another when they completely redesign and landscape the garden.

I recall at art college being constantly baffled by the pure spectrum of creativity! Just tell me what to photograph or draw or paint…..

When I was creative in my own way, it didn’t seem to appeal to the lecturers. It didn’t achieve the higher grades so I was stuck….do I tone down my interpretation of creativity and do something which I know will get me a first so I can go on and be successful in society or do I stuff all of it and do my own little weird Sam thing in the corner of the room and hope for the best?

Being the rebel I am I did my own thing and didn’t come out too badly.

The problem with actually being creative for me has been everyone else’s opinion of my creations! We are in an approval driven society. We seek to improve, to be the best, to stand out but blend in and it is exhausting!

So in order to escape the constrains of being creatively controlled this weekend I went to Cottlesloe Beaches Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. It was interesting the large crowds creativity drew! As well as the number of photographers….you know, documentary photographers….stand by the sculpture, take a photo, move on!

Through the sculpture copyright Key Image Photographers

What about watching the way the light captures it…..or the fact there are rainbows on the ground by your feet? Whatever happened to looking up? Or down? Or simply sitting and watching? I wish I could have captured photographs of people’s faces when I walked up to the sculpture and held my camera so it was looking up the length of the sculpture! I mean someone being creative at an art exhibition, what’s that all about?

Close up metalwork copyright Key Image Photographers

I seem to have gone into a rant in this post. As a creative person I have always felt constantly frustrated at societies constrains so this is something very personal to me.

What is creativity to you? How do you express it?