Looking at things from a different point of view

I have learnt that sometimes in life we need to stand back from certain things and situations that we find ourselves in and look at them from a different point of view. Having a camera to focus on a particular object or space helps me to see the thing that i am looking at in … Continue reading Looking at things from a different point of view


A memory revisited

While looking through my photographs trying to decide what to write about this week I came across a beautiful image which I took on my travels around New Zealand's South Island. All the memories of the trip came flooding back, the snow, how cold my feet were trekking through the mountains even though I had … Continue reading A memory revisited

The Line Up!

In a recent studio photoshoot, Reece, who has Downs Syndrome and the biggest smile, had to use the wall to support himself to stand upright. His sisters were quick to copy their big brother and I managed to capture the photograph below while they were preoccupied. They make the perfect line up don't you think?