Smile and the world will smile with you!

Sometimes in life it’s the little things that make you smile!

So many people get lost in how they look. We compare ourselves to other people, the glossy magazines ideals and media lead perfection.

But do you know what? You are unique! And your perfection is you! There is no one else like you. So embrace your uniqueness and make sure that you show the world how special you are. If you need inspiration take a look at the photograph below.

Sometimes in life it’s about being in the right place at the right time…



Top dog model

Key Image Photographers Sunday in the sunshine resulted in photography fun with my favourite model!
It’s always tricky with models to get the right poses and correct angles for the best shot. I’m sure you will agree that she did really well today, posing beautifully while admiring the view. And yes she did walk all the way to the top of Whernside and back down. After all a true model is devoted to their work!



King of the Mountain

Key Image Photographers decided to have a bit of a change from photographing portraits this weekend and indulged in some fun photographing the British Super Bikes Championship at Cadwell Park on Bank Holiday Monday. As usual I met some very interesting people. Some fans from Australia who had travelled to support fellow Aussie rider Josh Brookes and some locals from Market Rasen who had been attending the BSB for over 20 years. I also managed to capture some amazing shots of riders taking on The Mountain, airbourne.

But the highlight of my day had to be a surprise fly over by a spitfire and Lancaster Bomber plane. For those few minutes in time I reverted to being a 5 year old and excitedly jumped up and down in between photographs. It was truly amazing to see the machines who were flown by brave men who fought for our freedom flying in formation across Cadwell Park.



Wedding day laughter!

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and important days of your life…Key Image Photographers believes that your photography should reflect that and be a fun and memorable part of your day as well.

I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph Sarah and Lee’s wedding. I always find it an honour to photograph weddings as I get to share in two people’s special day. I had great fun with Sarah and Lee as the photographs below show! I am really excited about them receiving an album of their final images.


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