Harvest time fun!

Harvest time fun!

It wasn’t only Key Image who enjoyed taking photographs of Ana in fields of corn, as this photograph shows!


Things to do in the school holidays lesson 1

First week of the school holidays is over for most children and more importantly parents! I understand how demanding and exhausting it is to constantly find ways to entertain your children’s endless energy. Working as a primary school teacher for 5 years at various schools throughout Wakefield and Leeds I gained plenty of experience at channelling the energy of children and it’s not an easy task! How many photographers can say that they are qualified teachers?

So lesson 1, how to entertain your children in the school holidays, why not fetch them to Key Image Photographers and we will go play hide and seek in a field full of corn? I guarantee they will have a brilliant time, will be absolutely exhausted and you will have some
amazing photographs of your special day! All you have to do is book, turn up, sit back and I will do the rest. A priceless investment! Visit Key Image Photographers for more information and contact me using the contact form!


Special moments freeze framed in time…..

I keep mentioning that Key Image’s speciality is capturing special moments in time and I evidenced this recently. A photo shoot should be about having fun and showing the unique and special interaction between human beings. Everyone interacts differently, you may find that one family will be all hugs, another would not feel comfortable with tactile poses. Therefore, it is important that your photographer captures the unique ways that your family interact.

During a recent photoshoot with Nick and his mum they did not seem comfortable in huggy poses but they had a very sutle way of interacting…..Nick didn’t let go of his mums hand as she was very nervous. They were delighted with the photograph below which showed the closeness of their relationship in a very special way. Image

Fun in the sun!

I love being outside, especially at this time of the year. While some days have been a little less summer and more monsoon season I was lucky enough to jump outside recently between rain showers and capture some wonderful photographs of Archie and Oliver.

The best thing about working outside for this photoshoot is that Oliver is on the Autistic spectrum. A photo shoot in the studio was just not going to work, I knew as soon as I met him that it would be a sensory overload. I am lucky enough to have had a lot of experience working with both children and adults who have Autism or Aspergers through my previous employment within the education system. As soon as we got outside and into the natural environment Oliver came into his own and began to calm down and interact with his environment.

The photo shoot was an absolute joy and as you can see from the photographs the boys were both lost in the moment!

The beauty within?

So often when I pick up my camera to photograph someone they immediately start to protest. When viewing photographs a client is more likely to pick fault with themselves rather than the quality of the image. It makes me feel sad when so many people want editing and air brushing. It makes me wonder what people are so scared of seeing and why some people can not even bare to look at an image themselves. What is it they are frightened of? What are they scared they will see? What do they not want to see?

I believe that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own right! We should embrace who we are and how we look. Yes, while we may not look like the images in magazines who determines that these are the ideal? We are constantly told from birth to see the beauty within, so why don’t we?

How many times have you looked in the mirror and criticised your reflection? Compare this to how many times you have looked in the mirror and said “wow! I look great! My hair has gone perfectly today.”?

Key Image Photographers focus on capturing the unique moment when people are completely relaxed. It’s a freeze framed moment in time. And I don’t care what the mirror says back to you, I believe that everyone has a beauty that needs to be freeze framed in time.

The images below have had no editing or digital retouching!




What will your story say?

I always say that to be a good Wedding photographer you have to be good at telling a story, this can certainly be demonstrated in the photographs I took at Andy & Claire’s wedding.

The Ushers and Best Men were brilliant! They really got into the spirit of things and when they saw the two young bridesmaids having fun hiding under Claire’s spectacular dress they decided they wanted in on the action! I love the way they both look like naughty school boys.

Not only did the Ushers and Best Men play an important role by being in the photographs they were also brilliant at rounding the next set of guests up for the next shot! I really would have been lost without them.

When planning your wedding you naturally want your special day to go as smoothly and stress free as you can. My advice, not only do you need to pick your photographer wisely but it also helps if your bridesmaids and ushers are informed, not afraid to herd people and most of all have a loud voice!

Happy snapping!



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