An alternative view on life!

Sometimes in life it is easy to get bogged down in the moment and you can sometimes forget why you do the thing that you once loved to do! Well today I was lucky enough to have a wonderful reminder of why I love photography and my job as a photographer. That reminder came in the content and blissful form of my 5 year old Jack Russell, Poppy. While out on a much needed walk to ponder life and enjoy a moment of relaxation in the sunshine I captured the photographs below of my dog happy and content in her own space, just happy to be herself and to exist!
The cause of Poppy’s joy? A old, manky tennis ball that she had devotedly carried around all day. When capturing the photographs it reminded me of why I carry my heavy camera around with me and why I love my job as a photographer…for the bliss and joy of capturing that one small moment and being visually reminded of it for a lifetime to come.
So my heart felt thanks to Poppy for teaching me some more about life. Where is she right now? Snoring in her basket with her favourite tennis ball as a cushion for her head.
If you would like Key Image Photographers to follow you on a dog walk and capture your beloved pet relaxed and enjoying their natural surroundings please do not hesitate to contact me! It costs nothing to ask.




A labour of love…

I love my job! I love every aspect of it! I love meeting new and interesting people and getting a unique glimpse into their lives. I love sharing their love for each other, be that a mother and daughter photo shoot or at a wedding. I love capturing those special moments of unique human connection. I love showing people the photographs I have taken and sharing my creative vision with them. I love that people are always spoilt for choice.
After people have gone home happy and glowing with love for their photo shoot I love creating their final product. I feel that this is just as important as the photo shoot as this is what people will look at for years to come and remember the happiness and joy they felt at that time. This is their memory of love for them to treasure forever! Most of all I love presenting my customers with their final labour of love for them to treasure for a lifetime to come!
I see myself not just as a photographer but as a creator. I recreate people’s happiest moments and if you think about it those happiest moments are always filled with love! So what a very special job I have.
If you would like to capture love or would like to give the gift of love to another please contact me.



Nature’s perfection

I thought that I would show a different side to my photography and rather than blog about a photograph taken from a photo shoot show you one taken on a walk. I actually managed to keep my dog out of this one, but it goes to show that with an eye for detail anyone can produce beautiful images! The leaves caught my eye as the afternoon sun opened through the trees and back lit them.
This photograph has no digital enhancement or editing. Sometimes I feel that we can loose the beauty in nature by striving for perfection rather than seeing the perfection in what we already have!


Feeling festive

Christmas is such a special time of year where everyone makes the effort to spend time with family and friends. The festive spirit was alive and buzzing in Key Image Photographers studio this weekend when Sean, Holly and Ciara came from a Christmas family photo shoot.

Holly and Ciara were very excited and dad got into the festive spirit straight away! Usually the children are the first to be photographed but I managed to snap dad straightening his Santa hat in preparation for the festive photographs. I love to get families engaging with each other and then take photographs when they least expect it!

After playing dress up, dancing and bouncing around (and that was just dad) the family excitedly viewed their photographs and decided on framed photo merges for Christmas presents and ordered their favourite group photograph for Christmas cards.




Wind and rain does not stop play for Key Image Photographers….

It is definately winter and although, like most, I don’t like the cold I’m looking forward to some Christmas snow which will mean some excellent, fun photographs.

I was thankful that yesterday I had the privilage of going to Nicola and Darren’s beautiful home to take some photographs of Frankie and Ruby again who really played for the camera. After climbing on pool tables, playing on mini JCB’s and having a hug with the family dag, Butch, we were all exhausted.

I’m also looking forward to my challenge tomorrow – to take a photograph which Diane’s husband will like himself in. Now I’m always up for a challenge and have decided that if the weather is anything like today I will get the family to pull on their wellies and grab their umbrella’s for some fun,” singing in the rain” shots.

So no matter what the weather I can still guarantee a day of fun photography with memories which will last a lifetime.

The boy who wouldnt smile…..

I always like a challenge and I definately got one recently. I had a family portrait shoot booked by a very upset mum who’s son refused to smile for the school photographer. Both parents warned me as soon as they entered the studio that he would not smile for the camera and hated having his photograph taken. I must admit he was hard to engage with….at first. Even daddy turning him upside down didnt result in a giggle.

By the time I had finished with the boxing gloves, space hoppers and he had shown me his favourite stylish Ferrari we had him grinning and giggling. He was so good I had to give him a special lollipop! In fact, he enjoyed the whole experience so much that he sat on my sofa watching the fish in the fish tank refusing to go. And what did I get when he left…..a lovely cuddle and a kiss on the cheek as well as loads of photographs for his parents to choose from! I have included two photographs with this blog – one from the start of the photoshoot and some from the end! Can you tell the difference?

So if you would like to challenge me…..I am looking for families who would like to be photographed on location having a family walk in the autumn leaves. You can even bring the family dog!

Please feel free to contact me –


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