Turning back time

I hope that everyone remembered to turn their clocks back this morning? All I can say us thank god for modern technology…my clever mobile phone did it all for me!

Technology has moved and changed so rapidly in the past few years. As a photographer I am often amazed at the adaptations our clever minds make to both cameras and photoshop enabling us to produce the perfect image. But what is the perfect image? To me it is different to everyone. It does not have to be an image that is perfectly symmetrical, with an airbrushed model, enhanced backgrounds and nothing out of place. A perfect image to me is more emotive. It captures that one special moment that sometimes in our busy modern lives we miss. It allows us a moment of reflection about what life is all about and a constant reminder to slow down and admire the view now and again!

I started learning photography when I was three, with a basic film camera and an awful lot of enthusiasm an passion for the subject. Although my camera has changed and is far more advanced, with a lot more buttons, my passion and enthusiasm hasn’t and my subjects never seem to change either…I still meet and work with some amazing people who allow me a brief ‘snapshot’ into their lives and that’s what makes time stand still for a moment for me.

The photograph below was taken while two little girls whispered best friend secrets to each other in a wood, just before they picked up two sticks to play with. Not a games console or computer in sight! Sometimes it’s nice to remember that the simple things in life can bring pleasure as well.



Window to the soul

You enter this world with everything you need. Babies are such a pure spirit. Each with their own unique characters and personalities. That’s one of the reasons I love baby portraiture! A babies giggle and smile can light up the room 100 times better than my studio lights!

The photograph below was not taken in a studio. You can tell when you look into Archie’s eyes, there are no square light reflections from my soft box in this eyes. What Archie’s eyes are actually mirroring is the trees silhouetted against the sky. He was, in fact, photographed outside and staring in wonder at the birds moving in the trees above him!

For more information about baby portraits or to enquire about bump to baby photographs please contact me: Key Image Photographers


Family traits

If you have seem my Facebook post you will know that I had a very important photo shoot this Friday! It was probably going to be one of the most challenging photo shoots I have experienced yet. It was….my own family!

My dad had the idea of getting together for a photo as a present for my great aunts 98th birthday.

The first challenge was getting past the practical jokes (someone putting the lens cap back on my camera when i wasn’t looking), then me leaping into shot and making sure we got the sensible, quant family photograph my dad wanted. After the first set of photographs we gave up…having consumed several pieces of chocolate and discovering it didn’t matter which generation we put behind the sofa they would immediately go into naughty child mode, we gave up being sensible and let the true madness embrace.

Moral of the story is, if your going to do something you might as well have fun while your doing it! After all that’s what life’s all about!





Pets love photo’s too

Well I have to admit it I actually brought my first Christmas present at the weekend. Fingers crossed my mum likes it! It got me thinking about unusual presents, something a little unique and different that will stand out from the rest…hope my mum’s not panicking now reading this?

Key Image Photographers offer vouchers in studio, lifestyle and photography training sessions which make an ideal and personalised Christmas present! The most popular voucher is the portrait photography voucher with a whole hour of photographic time, either in the studio or on location. One of my clients last year purchased a voucher to give to a friend as a present to have her dog photographed! What a lovely and unique idea!? After all, pets love portraits too and it’s a gift that they will have lovely memories from time an time again.


Bring out your wellies….

This week I would like to say a BIG thank you to all my clients! I am not sure that you all realise how much you brighten my life with your big smiles and sense of fun. Sometimes when all we see on television and in life is doom and gloom it is such a breath of fresh air when a group of friends want to share a special moment, and ask me to capture it for them to treasure for years to come.

The photograph below was taken for a 18th birthday celebration. A spa experience or day shopping can easily bring pleasure but everytime you look at a photograph you are reminded of the special moment which has been freeze framed in time forever!

So Key Image Photographers say forget the weather….forget the doom and gloom….grab your favourite multi coloured wellies and fetch your smile for an hour of photographic madness….

Please contact Key Image Photographers to book or enquire. I look forward to hearing from you!


Mountain top feeling

Sometimes solitude is a necessary evil of life. As humans we are naturally social creatures but it is in solitude that we can really listen to ourselves, our thoughts, our ambitions and our goals.

I captured the photograph below at the top of Whernside a few weeks ago, with Ingleborough making the perfect backdrop for the lone walker to be silhouetted against. It’s an image which really fills me with contentment. I hope you like it as much as me.



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