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Love is in the air

Key Image Photographers wooden heart
Love is for a lifetime, not just a day!

Ah, Valentine’s Day! Great if you have a significant other the spend it with but what about all those single people out there?

Why do you need someone else to validate that you are loved?

I was super excited one Valentine’s Day when a bunch of flowers mysteriously appeared on my doorstep. Did I have a secret admirer? Who could it be? All was revealed a few days later when I found out they were from my mum! She saw them when shopping and thought I would like them…..I spent days wondering who my admirer was!

I’ve spent many Valentine’s Days spoiling myself with all my favourite things….a long walk with my dog, my favourite cake, or going to my favourite class at the gym! Yes, while all those happy couples are scoffing loads of calories at over priced restaurants I’m working out so I look and feel super hot, sexy and single!

Even now I’m in a relationship I believe that every day should be Valentine’s Day….not just once a year.

So when you get up tomorrow hug your loved one like it’s Valentines morning. If you can’t hug your loved one hug yourself or your dog or your cat. Why not even hug your teddy and notice how much better you feel.

Love is for a lifetime, not just for Valentine’s Day.


Two way conversations

Dolphin interaction at Monkey Mia
Dolphin interaction at Monkey Mia

I love nature!

Since I was a little girl, as long as I can remember, I have held a deep infinity towards animals.

My best friend and loyal companion growing up was a gentle Alsatian dog. I learnt to walk using him as my support. He was my play mate, always eager for a game. He comforted me when I was scared just by being there. I have early memories of watching thunder and lightning with him without fear and feeling completely safe. Even now when there is a thunderstorm I find myself smiling at those early memories. I lost him when I was 7 years old. I was devastated. It was my first experience of loss and heartbreak.

Throughout my life I have never understood why human beings inflict such cruelty on animals. When I interact with an animal I can see its soul, just like I do when I interact with a person. I can feel its mood, just like I do when I am near a person. I can also feel its pain and sadness, the same as I feel other peoples pain and sadness.

I have worked with abused elephants in Thailand, volunteered¬†at dog shelters, swam with dolphins in the wild (trust me it feels very different from swimming with them in captivity!) and rescued guinea pigs and returned them to full health. When I was younger I wanted to be a vet but I don’t think my house would have been big enough to accommodate all the animals I would have brought home.

I was walking in the park last night and watched as two teenage girls walked past engaged in conversation. Behind them, diligently following and being completely ignored was a Golden Retriever dog. I felt sad that the girls did not feel gratitude for having such a diligent companion and instead chose to ignore it and not interact with it.

I wanted to share the video above which I came across on my linkedin group.

I want to point out, not just the intelligence of this magnificent creature, but the peoples reactions when they realise that they are interacting with it, that this whale is communicating to them, sharing with them and saying “I understand”. The sheer joy and laughter from the free divers is what made me smile. I have seen this same response many times when people interact with dolphins (see above photograph taken at Monkey Mia), my dog greets them and they realise she is super friendly and happy to see them or even when a butterfly lands on them unexpectedly.

In order to have a meaningful interaction with something or someone, you need to be open to having a two way conversation. This “conversation” does not necessarily have to involve words!

Next time you are with an animal spend some time watching and connecting with it. They truly have a lot to teach us if only we would take the time to stop and listen.



I am one of those fortunate people who have experienced quite a bit of loss and separation in my life. Yes, I said fortunate. I am fortunate because we live in a society where when someone leaves you or is going to be missing from your life for a period of time we realise how much we appreciate them. That is when we usually tell them how much they mean to us and how they have positively affected our life. When they are no longer there, supporting us, helping us or simply brightening our day we realise what they did and usually enter a search for a way to fill the void that they have left.

I have always wondered why we need to get to the point of actually losing someone before we can appreciate them? Why do we not appreciate the friends, family and loved ones we have in our lives every day? Imagine what that would feel like!

Why do we leave it until someone is leaving our lives to tell them what they mean to us? Why can we not tell them when we have them there that we appreciate them.

I always see appreciation as a mirror. It reflects to you what you see in yourself. When you appreciate yourself for your uniqueness, your skills, your talents and for what you have to contribute to the world, then you start to appreciate and accept others for their uniqueness, their skills and talents.

Everyone has positive and negative traits. It is what makes us all human and unique. The negatives provide you with the opportunity to grow and learn if you let them, but as always the choice is up to you.

I hope after reading this post you will tell someone who is in your life now how much you appreciate them. Or maybe you will look in the mirror and tell yourself  how much you appreciate you!

I appreciate you taking the time to read this post.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Special moments freeze framed in time…..

I keep mentioning that Key Image’s speciality is capturing special moments in time and I evidenced this recently. A photo shoot should be about having fun and showing the unique and special interaction between human beings. Everyone interacts differently, you may find that one family will be all hugs, another would not feel comfortable with tactile poses. Therefore, it is important that your photographer captures the unique ways that your family interact.

During a recent photoshoot with Nick and his mum they did not seem comfortable in huggy poses but they had a very sutle way of interacting…..Nick didn’t let go of his mums hand as she was very nervous. They were delighted with the photograph below which showed the closeness of their relationship in a very special way. Image

The beauty within?

So often when I pick up my camera to photograph someone they immediately start to protest. When viewing photographs a client is more likely to pick fault with themselves rather than the quality of the image. It makes me feel sad when so many people want editing and air brushing. It makes me wonder what people are so scared of seeing and why some people can not even bare to look at an image themselves. What is it they are frightened of? What are they scared they will see? What do they not want to see?

I believe that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own right! We should embrace who we are and how we look. Yes, while we may not look like the images in magazines who determines that these are the ideal? We are constantly told from birth to see the beauty within, so why don’t we?

How many times have you looked in the mirror and criticised your reflection? Compare this to how many times you have looked in the mirror and said “wow! I look great! My hair has gone perfectly today.”?

Key Image Photographers focus on capturing the unique moment when people are completely relaxed. It’s a freeze framed moment in time. And I don’t care what the mirror says back to you, I believe that everyone has a beauty that needs to be freeze framed in time.

The images below have had no editing or digital retouching!




An alternative view on life!

Sometimes in life it is easy to get bogged down in the moment and you can sometimes forget why you do the thing that you once loved to do! Well today I was lucky enough to have a wonderful reminder of why I love photography and my job as a photographer. That reminder came in the content and blissful form of my 5 year old Jack Russell, Poppy. While out on a much needed walk to ponder life and enjoy a moment of relaxation in the sunshine I captured the photographs below of my dog happy and content in her own space, just happy to be herself and to exist!
The cause of Poppy’s joy? A old, manky tennis ball that she had devotedly carried around all day. When capturing the photographs it reminded me of why I carry my heavy camera around with me and why I love my job as a photographer…for the bliss and joy of capturing that one small moment and being visually reminded of it for a lifetime to come.
So my heart felt thanks to Poppy for teaching me some more about life. Where is she right now? Snoring in her basket with her favourite tennis ball as a cushion for her head.
If you would like Key Image Photographers to follow you on a dog walk and capture your beloved pet relaxed and enjoying their natural surroundings please do not hesitate to contact me! It costs nothing to ask.




A labour of love…

I love my job! I love every aspect of it! I love meeting new and interesting people and getting a unique glimpse into their lives. I love sharing their love for each other, be that a mother and daughter photo shoot or at a wedding. I love capturing those special moments of unique human connection. I love showing people the photographs I have taken and sharing my creative vision with them. I love that people are always spoilt for choice.
After people have gone home happy and glowing with love for their photo shoot I love creating their final product. I feel that this is just as important as the photo shoot as this is what people will look at for years to come and remember the happiness and joy they felt at that time. This is their memory of love for them to treasure forever! Most of all I love presenting my customers with their final labour of love for them to treasure for a lifetime to come!
I see myself not just as a photographer but as a creator. I recreate people’s happiest moments and if you think about it those happiest moments are always filled with love! So what a very special job I have.
If you would like to capture love or would like to give the gift of love to another please contact me.