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Grant the Grapefruit…

…..goes live!

It has all been a little quiet on the Bertie front recently. Bertie has moved states within Australia and has just moved countries!!! He couldn’t believe how much he has to fit into his little suitcase. I mean how much stuff can one bear collect???

He has also been helping his friend Grant the Grapefruit to release a book, which is now available on amazon: US version and a UK version

In fact, Bertie has been so inspired by his friend Grant’s book that he has been debating writing his own series…..

Grant's portrait
Happiness is being a travelling grapefruit

What’s your centre?

Key Image Photographers
Key Image Photographers

What is it that defines who you are? What is at the centre of everything you do? 


We’re not talking about learnt behaviours here. Things that life has taught you, that you learnt growing up through parents, peers or society. 


You centre isn’t your job. Your job does not define you. It is defined BY you! You make it what it is not the other way around. No inanimate object has a hold over you. 


Your centre isn’t your relationship with family, friends, husband, wife. It is not defined by you label! 


Your centre is the reason behind everything you do. 


It is unique to you. 


It is the essence of all that you are and all that you can be. 


How do you find your centre?




And be still.


Life helps you find your centre! If your centre is embedded in everything that you do then the more you do the more it will reveal itself. It is the stillness within. It can not change. It is not effected by external forces. It can be suppressed and ignored but it never goes away. 


Set your intention to find your centre, then live your life. Take time out to sit in a reflective stillness and one day, it will seem so obvious, that what you have been looking for is within you. 


Let me know how you get on! 


The journey’s end

Grant wearily snuggled into a new, larger backpack. He was tired, exhausted but strangely more content than he had ever felt in his life. For Grant his journey had come to an end. There was a feeling of sadness as well mixed with anticipation of what was to come now.

As Grant reflected on the past few weeks and all the things that he had learnt on his adventure he began to question whether our journeys in life ever really end. As one journey ends, a new one begins, because that is the nature of life. It is a cycle and whether you are ready for it or not it will continue to turn taking you with it.

I hope that you have enjoyed following Grant’s adventures through New Zealand. Hopefully Grant’s bravery and insights have inspired you to add a little grapefruit magic to your day. He has become such a major part of my week that it has left me wondering what I will write about next. Maybe the end of Grant’s adventures will also be the beginning of something new on here as well?

Happiness is a grapefruit at Curio Bay
Happiness is a grapefruit at Curio Bay

Reality check

Grant was nearing the end of his adventure…he could feel it, taste it, sense it. The trek had been exhausting yet enlightening and he was suddenly feeling motivated. He also felt quite sad that his adventures were coming to a close.

While sat on the rocks having a well earned rest he watched as his human companions were taking photographs of a small waterfall. Two photographs were taken of the same waterfall, from the same place, with the same camera. The only difference between the photographs was the amount of light which was let into the camera. Grant could see on the screen at the back of the camera that the two photographs created a different view of the same thing. In one the water droplets had been frozen in time and were seen as individual splashes. The other photograph showed the movement of the water, blurring its way to join the stream. Yet these two images were of the same thing? To Grant’s grapefruit eyes it seemed like magic…two people could look at the same thing and see it differently!?

How many times in life have you stopped to take a second look at something and attempted to see it in a different way?


2013 Blog 18 IMG_0464

2013 Blog 18 IMG_0463

How many times have you looked up?

Being a grapefruit Grant spent most of his time looking up, except of course when he was on a tree. Grant was beginning to learn about perspective. If you look down at something from a high point it can look completely different if you are at the lowest point looking up. This seemed to reflect how Grant was feeling about the final stretch of his adventure. If he changed his perspective a little things could look so differently.

Many people are provided the opportunity in life to look at things from a different perspective. In fact, you are provided with this opportunity every time you interact with another human being. Each person is living their life from their own personal perspective and that means they are experiencing it in a different way to another person. Through every interaction we have we can choose to look at life from a different perspective…and there is ALWAYS a choice.

When sat comfortably, high up in his back pack Grant would experience the journey from a different perspective to if he was rolling along on a ground level.

How many times have you actually stopped to look up when walking somewhere? On your simple daily journey to work looked up instead of down? What new things would you see and experience that you haven’t noticed before?

As Grant stopped to rest and admire the view of the snow covered plants, he looked up. He suddenly experienced a completely different perspective of his surroundings and realised, with joy, that he was resting underneath his own personal waterfall!

Sometimes if you take the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective it can make life seem a whole lot more beautiful!

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An unexpected twist

You know when you’re quite happily getting on with life. You have all the instructions and you know exactly what you are doing and where you are going!? Well why is it that as soon as you feel like this life has a habit of throwing you a curve ball?

Grant decided that it was to keep him on his toes….if he had any.

Well after a good nights sleep, Grant opened his eyes and took a peek outside. His eyes then opened even wider. The ground was covered in a thick blanket of white, soft, snow. Grant had never seen snow before and he was really excited. This was the icing on the cake, it was the final trek of his journey and he was happily bouncing from snow drift to snow drift.

Grant’s positivity was to be tested. After 3 hours of playing in the snow he began to get tired and cold and wondered if he would ever finish this mammoth journey. He thought he would have been there by now and was beginning to realise that he may have completely underestimated the final stretch of this trek. He was also beginning to realise why it was called a trek!

How many times have you started on a path and got half was down it and realised that if you had known what was involved you may not have started it in the first place? Grant was so grateful for the whole experience this adventure had offered him. He was bruised and tired but he had never felt more alive. He began to realise that the demons he was wrestling with were his own and he was in control. The journey itself, every experience that he was having and had had along the way, was interpreted by him. He could choose whether to follow his thinking down a negative path, which was an easy route at the moment when he was tired and drained. Or he could choose to change his thoughts and think about how lucky he was to have this experience, to see snow, to feel snow and to view the mountains in a completely different way to how he had seen them the day before. I mean how many grapefruits can say they have had THAT experience?

So next time you catch yourself heading down the negative path, stop for a moment and see if you can choose to change direction, see if you can see the positive in the moment.

Which did Grant choose? The next blog will reveal all…..

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Sharing your experiences

Sometimes you make new friends in the strangest of places!

The long trek to Woodshed Creek Hut left Grant exhausted but also elated. As he sat on the worn wooden steps of the hut, he began to feel the presence of someone watching him. A beautiful but quite large Kia bird.

For some time they sat, the two weary travellers, and weighed each other up, not sure whether to trust each other. Finally Grant decided to have a look around and to his surprise his new friend followed him without a sound. They sat by the stream together, not speaking but communicating without words. The land was so peaceful and contentment filled our little adventurous grapefruit. He was so grateful he had someone to share it with.

Bob the Kia, so named because he sat and bobbed his head up and down, seemed just as happy to have company even if it would be short lived. He watched his guests silently and with great interest. This is the first time Grant had met another living thing that he did not know how to communicate with and he found he was watching Bob, watching him.

Meeting Bob allowed Grant to realise the power of the unspoken word. Sometimes you do not need to say anything; sometimes you just need to be present, to offer someone a rest from the day to day grind of life. Sometimes all you need is a polite Bob in a stranger’s direction to acknowledge that your paths have crossed for a brief moment in time. That your journeys ran alongside each other, just for a moment.

In the silence by the stream Grant realised that although he had only just met Bob, and they did not speak the same language, they were sharing the same experience. Grant began to realise that someone else’s reality can be shared in a variety of ways and not all of those are spoken.

How do you share your experience of your reality?

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