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Croc in high water…

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So what had caught Croc’s attention???

Bertie didn’t realise until it was too late.

They were posing for photographs with Croc edging them nearer and nearer to his goal. He was surprised he managed to contain his excitement from Bertie. As they were perched on the edge of a beautiful, warm, stone fountain Croc’s plan became clear. He edged himself towards the warm water. It looked so inviting. It had been ages since he had swum in warm water. He had tried dipping his toe in some of Englands waters but then decided better of it when his toe turned an odd shade of blue from the cold! The first time this happened Croc had freaked out a little. He tried a death roll and then gave in and sat looking at the colour slowly coming back into his foot. Yuk! He thought and shivered at the very idea of cold water.

Being a tropical croc in a non-tropical country had been hard for Croc but here, in front of him was a lovely shallow pool of water. He nudged his way into the warm water until he was submerged. It was only then that Bertie realised what his friend was doing.

Bertie, noticing the camera bag was being packed away and only a few more photographs would probably be taken before they left, took a deep breath and plunged his paw into the water. He was surprised to find it was pleasantly warm, like bath water. There was no time to enjoy it, he grabbed his friends paw and pulled with all his might!

Croc dug in tight, refusing to move.

“Come on!” Shouted Bertie, “They are going to leave without us!”

The panic in Bertie’s voice awoke something in Croc and he let go of the bottom of the pool. Bertie wasn’t expecting this to happen and they both flew backwards off the edge of the statue with surprising speed, water droplets flying everywhere.

Bertie closed his eyes waiting for the bump as they hit the floor…..but it didn’t happen! Inside they landed with a soft, and rather damp, thud.

These two friends really are very lucky! They had landed right inside the safety of the camera bag, which was being lifting up just as they fell. “Phew!” Said Bertie and he looked over at Croc. Croc lay in shock, shivering, wishing there was something he could dry himself with……He decided he really didn’t like being cold!


Palaces, gardens and sunshine

2017 06 ROME IMG_0196

Croc and Bertie continued to peep out of the camera bag, neither wanting to miss a second of the specular place they had found themselves in. Even when they emerged into the bright sunshine as they were carried outside, they still peeped out blinking in the bright light.

Eventually they came to a stop. Both feeling brave they climbed carefully from the bag and had a good look at their surroundings. They were in a beautiful garden. Croc snuggled happily into the warm concrete where he was sat…..Oh how he had missed this!!! Everywhere he sat in England seemed to be cold and it always came as a bit of a shock to his delicate constitution!

As they looked around them they realised they were in the gardens of a rather grand looking building. “Is it a palace?” wondered Croc. And then Croc saw something which completely grabbed his attention……..

Looking deeper

Sleeping in the jaws of the guardian!?
Sleeping in the jaws of the guardian!?

How many times do we look for a deeper meaning in things?

I recall walking around the Grand Palace in Bangkok. This amazing collection of architectural wonder was a photographers dream. Even people who claim they can not use a camera can take awesome photographs here.

While most people took the stand temple shots with their friends and family stood outside in a classic “evidence based” style to prove to the world on social media they were there. I was distracted by a story which spanned across the entire edge of the grounds.

The canvas was the external wall of the palace, marking the edge where the city began the the palace was guarded. It told the story of the the kings of Thailand history and contained what every good story needs….hero’s, fighting, dramatic rescues, war, love, drama and a dash of comedy.

Temple Guardian bridge copyright Key Image

As I followed the story and looked deeper and deeper I saw more and more, like when you stare at the night sky and hidden stars reveal themselves. There was a cheeky juggling monkey who made guest appearances more than once. Or the lovers caught in a passionate embrace hidden from view. I became engrossed at finding the little quirks in the story which made it unique and put some of the artists personality in there. I wondered how many other people had noticed this detail?

Juggling monkey copyright Key Image

Bangkok temple lovers copyright Key Image

If you happen to find yourself in Bangkok and wish to visit the Grand Palace I would recommend it. It is quite expensive for Thailand’s attractions (500 THB in 2014) but you can easily spend a whole day there. The strict dress code in enforced on the door so ladies make sure you have your arms and legs covered, same goes for men and ensure that you have socks with your sandals or closed toe shoes on. Some temples will require you to enter with bare feet only.

One thing I will recommend is to look deeper….don’t take surface value photographs. Look for what others might have missed.