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Croc means a beast…

Another interruption to Bertie and Croc’s Norway adventures….

Bertie and Croc have been in the UK for well over a year now. Croc is slowly adjusting to not living in the tropics and has started to feel slightly warm the past few days. His favourite place to sun bathe is the nice conservatory which gets lovely and toasty in the afternoon sun.

Croc toddled out to the conservatory recently and found that it was VERY cold and VERY dark. He looked up. Someone had covered the top of the conservatory roof with a blanket of white. “How rude!” He thought and turned around to go and find Bertie to work out what they could do about it.

When Croc did find Bertie he was turning the camera bag upside down! Things were flying out of the bag at an alarming rate. Croc ducked just as a spare lens cap came shooting out. “Whatever is the matter?” Said Croc to his wide eyed friend.

“My hat!” Said Bertie, “I’ve lost my hat! I can’t go out in the snow without my hat!”

“Snow?” Thought Croc, as he watched Bertie disappear back into the bag.

Bertie appeared as quickly as he had disappeared. He had a smile his face as he realised his tropical friend had no idea what he was talking about. Without saying anything else, Bertie grabbed Croc’s paw and dragged him outside…He had forgotten all about his hat!

As Croc’s fluffy feet touched the cold, white snow his eyes grew wide in shock. He tried to move away from the cold stuff but where ever he put his paws it was there. It even stuck to them. Bertie was too busy laughing at his friend hopping around on the snow to be able to explain what the snow was.

Croc wasn’t sure at all that he liked this new stuff and was quite relieved when Bertie explained that, in a few days, it would melt and it would all be gone. Knowing this Croc managed to pose for a few photographs before hopping his way back inside to sit on his second favourite place….the radiator!


The wrong boat!

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Croc didn’t know what to do to help Bertie from his low mood. Ever since they landed on the wrong boat Bertie sat still, staring at the habour of Oslo as it slowly disappeared.

As the two friends began to listen to the tour guide they started to forget they were lost and became involved in the journey. The large building they had visited on the night they became lost, drifted past them. The tour guide announced this was the Opera House. Who’d have thought it, thought Bertie. It looked more like a fancy ski resort!

Then there was the lonely church as they left the harbour and headed for the open waters. It sat, white washed against the dull, rain filled sky, proud at the end of its little pier. As Bertie watched it drift by he was suddenly nudged into the present moment by a very enthusiastic Croc. He turned to look in the direction Croc was pointing. Behind them, not too far away, was the boat they had originally aimed to land on. The boat which had their camera bag home on it and the boat which would be their salvation if only they could get on board.

Bertie watched as the boat with the camera bag chugged along behind the boat they were on. He began to realise they were all heading in the same direction. He looked down at Croc would was staring at him hopefully with wide eyes….this might not turn out to be the disaster he thought it was going to be.

They just needed a plan of how to get across the water to the right boat. What do you think they should do?

Operation locate….

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Bertie and Croc were in a dilemma. The camera bag they called home had gone and they didn’t know what to do. They looked around in desperation but it was no where to be seen. Bertie was kicking himself for not collecting a map of the city so they could find their way back to the hotel.

Clinging to each other for comfort more than warmth, the two friends huddled under the lip of the fountain they had been admiring and waited for the sun to come up. “Things are always better in a morning” Bertie told Croc. Croc wasn’t too sure they would be.

When morning came Bertie began to drag Croc in the direction he thought the hotel was. They had to get back to the camera bag or they may never get home! As they wandered through this strange, new city they paused to look at the landmarks and tall buildings. Bertie was hoping he would recognise one of the buildings, Croc thought he was mad, they all looked the same to him!

As they stopped outside a massive courtyard Bertie noticed a decorative clock in the background. He was sure he had seen it before. Completely distracted the two friends didn’t notice the large seagull looming in the background. The seagull, curious as to why these two small bears were out on their own, inched closer.

Croc turned with a start and came eye to eye with the seagulls beady little eyes! “Eek” Croc shouted and grabbed hold of Bertie. As Bertie turned the seagull squawked “Well, well, well what do we have here?”

The two friends stared at the bird in shock, unsure of how to answer….

An evening arrival


Norway blog Bertie & Croc

Bertie and Croc now knew the signs that a new journey was just about to start. Bertie had even mastered being able to judge just how long the journey would be from the size of the suitcases which were loaded carefully into the car.

The familiar sounds of the airport and the familiar feelings of the plane taken off lulled both Bertie and Croc into a deep sleep. They lay at the bottom of the camera bag wondering where they would end up next. Bertie dreamt it was an exciting place with lots to see and do, Croc dream it was warm and had nice clear, warm waters for him to swim in.

When they finally stopped travelling Bertie knew they had arrived at their hotel. He had heard different words being spoken and knew that they were in a different country. He peeped out of the bag and made his way to the hotel window. It didn’t tell him too much looking at the cobbled street below.

What happened next came as a complete surprise to him….Both Bertie and Croc were scooped up and bundled into the camera bag. They were going out for an explore, but it was night time!?

When the sway of the bag stopped Bertie and Croc peeped out. A cool breeze brushed at their fur and Croc realised his dream of being somewhere warm wasn’t happening. The view in front of them was pretty spectacular! They were near what looked like a harbour, the water twinkled in the moonlight and a strange, abstract structure on the other side of the water was lit up like a Christmas tree. They could see the shadows of people moving around in front of the light, looked blurred and tiny next to the huge windows.

Croc wondered what this multi-coloured building would look like during the day. Bertie was pretty sure that they would get a chance to find out! Little did they both know how close they would get to this impressive piece of architecture.

A year of adventure!

2018-01-09 Norway post

As Bertie and Croc looked back at 2017 they realised they had been very busy! So busy, in fact, that they haven’t had time to blog about all the things they managed to fit in.

After Bertie and Croc exchanged Christmas gifts and placed their special decorations on the Christmas tree they found themselves looking back at photographs. They have been to Rome, moved house and welcomed a new arrival to the family. They also went on another iconic trip which they haven’t written about.

This trip was a little colder than Rome. In fact, Bertie almost wished that he had packed his woolly hat! Croc wished he was back in the fountain in the boiling heat in Rome.

The next few blogs will be about Bertie and Croc’s trip to Norway!

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as Bertie and Croc enjoyed experiencing Norway….

The next adventure

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Croc began realise what time of year it was when the Christmas tree made its appearance. He had begun to wonder for some time whether there was something important coming up as Bertie had been getting increasingly giddy. Having already experienced one Christmas in the UK Croc felt more confident this year exploring the tree and mooching through the prettily wrapped presents which were carefully placed underneath it.

There was a slight difference this year. Bertie had pulled Croc to one side and with a huge grin on his face he presented him with a small, carefully wrapped parcel which looked very familiar to the little crocodile.

Croc had never been given a present before and he took some persuading from Bertie to unwrap it. He carefully tugged at the parcels little edges and methodically unwrapped the small item.

As they both sat looking at their unwrapped presents, Croc began to remember where they had come from!!! They had been on another adventure earlier in the year. Bertie had dragged Croc down Christmas themed streets, over come by festive excitement. Croc remembered thinking his friend had gone a little nuts as Christmas wasn’t for ages yet but he had followed him faithfully.

In a small shop along the wooden boards, hidden in a narrow alley with large, overhanging windows, the two friends had chosen a Christmas decoration to buy for each other to put on the Christmas tree this year.

As always Croc had chosen a sensible, symmetrical patterned decoration. Where as Bertie had gone for a quirky, happy little figure which had a bell that tinkled merrily on its little hat. Two very different gifts for two very different characters who were the best of friends. Now all they had to do was figure out how they were going to get the decorations on the tree!!!

I wonder where Bertie and Croc had brought their gifts? Can you guess which Country they visited?

Waterfalls and rainbows

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As Bertie and Croc made their way round the darkening square they both felt a buzz of excitement. Even though the sun had now set, the air was still warm and there were plenty of people moving around the square.

Bertie took some time to admire the fountains and the rows of large pillars. Croc kept looking behind him at the building in the hope of seeing the mystery figure once more.

Bertie knew their time in Rome was coming to an end. An experienced traveller just seems to know when it is time to move on, or go home and rest to get ready for the next adventure. He wasn’t going to miss the heat of the city but he was going to miss the architecture. How round every corner there was something new to look at and capture his attention. He felt a very honoured bear indeed to have had the opportunity to visit such a historic city.

As Bertie continued to look at the fountain he noticed the outlines of the figures on top of the pillars. They were lit by lights just underneath them and they gave him a weird chill even though the air was warm. Suddenly, rainbows appeared around the lights. Bertie blinked and rubbed his eyes. When he opened them again the rainbows had gone. Bertie liked rainbows, they always made him feel happy inside. He shook his head wondering whether the trip had worn him out and he was seeing things. It was only when he looked back at the photographs that were taken he realised he may have seen something just as magical as Croc did a few moments before!