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Finding a place called home

It is living not planning that fuels human creativity!
Bertie was beginning to realise that the more he travelled, the more he learnt. The more people he met, the more he understood himself a little bit more. Bertie began to understand that in hiding away for years in the bottom of a basket he was not avoiding other people, but also avoiding himself. He did not want to see himself reflected in the people he would meet. He was scared of what he would see. What would happen if he didn’t like the person looking back at him?

As Bertie sat contemplating on the window sill of his new home, he realised that this was a brand new adventure. He had never had anywhere to call “home” before.

Bertie looked at his reflection in the dusty window and smiled confidently. He was no longer afraid of the bear who looked back at him.

He was Bertie, Bertie the Travelling Bear, and he was on another adventure. Who knows what he would learn, who he would met, or what he would do? That was the magic of it. The unknown. He was excited to discover the answers. 


Appreciation and Gratitude

2016 03 Wellington Monument  2016 03 Wellington Monument Bertie

Bertie had learnt on his travels that appreciation and gratitude are two things that go a long way and cost absolutely nothing. Gratitude for the little things in life had made Bertie appreciate his life a lot more and feel a lot happier in his own stuffing.

Bertie and Croc’s first trip in the UK to Somerset was going well. Croc was a fairly quiet travelling companion and Bertie was having a few problems getting him in front of the camera. Croc preferred to watch from a little way off safely tucked up in someones pocket or hiding in the camera bag.

Today Bertie and Croc visited The Wellington Monument, an imposing 175 feet high triangular tower located on the highest point of the Blackdown Hills. The Wellington Monument is 3 km south of Wellington and is a grade II listed building. The Monument was built to honour The Duke of Wellington, as a way of expressing gratitude and admiration following Wellington’s victory at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. The monument itself is believed to have been completed around 1854. It has 235 steps inside which can be climbed, but Bertie decided due to the fencing all around the monument, climbing the steps would not be an option today!

Bertie and Croc discovered that the Duke of Wellington responded to the monument by saying he had no intention of visiting the structure once it was completed. Bertie thought this was definitely an example of an ungrateful person. Still he was glad that the Egyptian inspired tower was completed and continued to be restored. As Bertie and Croc travelled away from the monument he watched it stand proudly on the hills, a landmark to everyone who visits and lives there, and a reminder to feel grateful for the things in life that others sacrifice their time to give to you.


Peace, symbolism and listening to yourself

Yesterday I went in search of peace.

I wanted peace from my thoughts, from the internal turmoil I was feeling and I wanted to find somewhere silent where I could just exist and feel safe in being me.

This is what I found….


I love singing bowls! For me playing my singing bowl, which I left in the UK when I moved to Australia, brings about a sense of calm and peace. It symbolises meditation and that silent turning within to find answers. After playing with these singing bowls they continued to resonate gently in the breeze (hence why the photo is a little blurry).

A tree is also a significant symbol for me. I had a favourite Oak tree in the UK which I would climb and sit in. When I was sat in this tree I would become aware of the present moment, the birds singing around me and the light dancing through its branches.

I spent a lot of time in this peaceful place which I found in Dawin’s Botanic Garden’s yesterday.

When you listen to yourself and you know what you need you will always find it.