A new arrival

Bertie and Croc have been a little hit and miss with their blog posts in the past few weeks and it is time to reveal why.... As it got closer and closer to Christmas, Bertie and Croc were surprised to find that they had sat on the living room coffee table for some time. In … Continue reading A new arrival


Happy Birthday Bertie the Travelling Bear

Bertie, Croc and me have been super busy the past few weeks. We have lots of ideas for blog posts but don't seem to be able to find the time to actually sit down and compose one. 3 years ago my mum gave me a little bear to carry with me when I was travelling. … Continue reading Happy Birthday Bertie the Travelling Bear

An update

It's been super hard recently to find the time to come and talk to you fabulous people on here. I've moved countries, again! And we are trying to set ourselves up in the UK.  The main focus has been on finding somewhere to live! When you travel and move around a lot you really start … Continue reading An update