Croc feels homesick

Bertie and Croc are off exploring again but where are they and why does it make Croc feel so homesick?


A special parcel

Bertie and Croc were having one of those days. I am sure all children who start their school holidays experience a day like it. They were bored. They had nothing planned. It was hot and warm and they didn't want to go outside. They sat by the table in the kitchen and felt quite sorry … Continue reading A special parcel

The Big Wheel

Bertie and Croc woke up to the sound of the seaside. Seagulls calling to each other, probably advising their friends where the tourist with the best ice creams are so they can dive bomb them. The ocean crashing on the beach and the sounds of people walking their dogs in the early morning light. Bertie … Continue reading The Big Wheel