Adventure awaits

Phew! Bertie and Croc have had a manic few weeks. In fact, so manic that Croc actually got a cold! Sneezes and everything. We got a few odd looks when small sneezes were coming from a camera bag!

As you know Bertie loves his maps. He was very excited to find one when the car finally stopped moving and they were carried carefully to a busy reception desk to check in. Bertie nudged Croc eagerly and pointed at the free maps on a stand near them. As the receptionist explained where they were staying Bertie leaned out of the bag as far as he could go, Croc held on to his toes, and he snatched a map just as they turned to leave.

“Where are we?” Whispered Croc. Bertie opened the map. “I don’t know but I’m about to find out!”

Can you guess where Bertie and Croc are?


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