The journey home


Bertie and Croc had really enjoyed their stay in Lynmouth, Devon. Croc sat in the back of the car peeping out of the camera bag at his picture which reminded him of home. He still couldn’t believe that Bertie had been able to get it for him!

Their adventure wasn’t over yet. The car slowed down and took a sharp turn to the right. The camera bag rolled slightly. Croc held on. Then it got REALLY bumpy!!! Usually Bertie would be really brave at this point and peep out to see where they were going but it was so bumpy he was quite concerned he would bounce off and get lost!

When the car finally rolled to a stop the two friends were incredibly relieved. They were carried carefully out of the car and placed overlooking an amazing view. Bertie heard someone nearby explaining that the land they could see in the far distance, over the water, was a place called Wales. Bertie liked Whales, and even saw one once on his travels, so he sat very still and watched the water in the hope he would see one.

Croc admired the small bay which looked closer than it was. The two friends basked in the sunshine, enjoying the view, while the people around them had a picnic.

“What a perfect end to a lovely adventure.” Said Bertie to Croc. Croc nodded. He was feeling warm and happy again, and that was all this little crocodile needed.


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