Croc feels homesick

IMG_3828 edited-1

The beach that reminded Croc of home.

It had been a very warm and quite a long drive. The two friends had excitedly climbed into the camera bag when they woke up and realised that they were going out. Bertie had become quite the expert at being able to read the signs of an adventure. There new friends bags were all packed and prepared with plenty of snacks for everyone, things were loaded into the car, and there was an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. He knew it was a day trip because no suitcases or back packs were involved.

The radio was playing tunes quietly in the background. “The road is lonnnngggggg, with many a winding path.” How true thought Bertie as their poor cars engine roared as it carried them up a VERY winding, VERY steep, VERY narrow road. “I wonder where we are going?” Bertie asked Croc for the fourth time. Croc shrugged for the fourth time.

When they eventually stopped they were lifted carefully out of the camera bag. “There you go guys, you can see where you are now” A familiar voice said kindly. Croc froze, wide eyed….he was home!? But not home!? He looked at Bertie and then back at the scene before them. There were rocks leading down to a beach with blue sea. The smell of the ocean was strong and drifted towards them on a gentle breeze. There wasn’t the humidity of Darwin, and on closer inspection the ocean didn’t have the same turquoise green tint, this one was much bluer. Croc suddenly felt homesick. He hadn’t been home in 2 years…Bertie reached out and held Croc’s paw and gave it a squeeze.

Bertie decided he would have to make this trip extra special to help Croc find new things to feel good about…..They STILL didn’t know where they were!


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