The Big Wheel

IMG_3519 edited-watermarked

Bertie and Croc woke up to the sound of the seaside. Seagulls calling to each other, probably advising their friends where the tourist with the best ice creams are so they can dive bomb them. The ocean crashing on the beach and the sounds of people walking their dogs in the early morning light. Bertie peeped out of the hotel window. It was a beautiful bright and sunny morning. He jumped up and down excitedly. “I wonder where we will go today?” He asked Croc, his less than enthusiastic companion.

They didn’t have much time to think about it before they were both lifted gently and placed in the camera bag. “Here we go!” said Bertie excitedly. Croc just looked at him…..sometimes he had no idea where his friends constant energy and positivity came from.

Bertie and Croc were going somewhere completely new today. They were in the sun for what seemed like ages. They knew this without ever peeping out of the bag because of the familiar feeling of the bag heating up slowly from the outside. Then came the strangest sensation! Bertie braved a peep out of the bag first….

Bertie looked down in shock. They were so HIGH! He watched as the beach below him started to slowly get closer. Just as it got close enough to jump down onto they seemed to start moving further away again. He nudge Croc who was also looking around slightly concerned. The seagulls seemed an awful lot closer and bigger from here, he decided. They were on a ferris wheel. A large seaside ferris wheel, which took them high up into the air in the safety of a little glass pod and circled them down towards the ground.

After a few cycles poor Bertie began to feel a little odd. Croc looked at his friend, he had turned a slight green colour. Croc was always green but Bertie had never been this shade before. Bertie was feeling a little motion sickness and was so very pleased when they walked out of the glass pod and to the beach.

Can you see the wheel that Bertie and Croc when on in the photo?





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