Bertie and Croc in Exmouth

After their adventures in Norway Bertie and Croc were enjoying a well earned rest and VERY pleased to discover their next adventure would take them a little closer to home. Croc wasn’t sure about adventures anymore. They all seemed quite stressful! Bertie was super happy to have found their way home to the camera bag and even more happy to snuggle down in his own house!

The two friends were taken on a short drive. This was to be a very important trip. It was their new, little human friends’ first holiday. They were going to a place called Exmouth in Devon. Bertie felt VERY important to be told he needed to look after his little human and make sure he was ok. Bertie took this job very seriously. Croc was happy to have his friend in sight and the camera bag to himself. He stretched his little crocodile legs out and extended his crocodile tail to the full 2 inches and relaxed.

Bertie nudged Croc awake excitedly. They were at the seaside! “Oh no!” Thought Croc, this could only mean one thing “sand!” Yuk. Then his eyes grew wide as he saw the large expanse of ocean……all that lovely water! Little did our little crocodile know, it was quite a bit colder than the oceans he was use to in Australia!

The beach was beautiful. A lovely long stretch of clean, soft sand. Perfect for digging and sinking your feet into. Croc watched Bertie showing his little human how to wiggle his toes in the sand and was glad he didn’t have to go on it. He was quite happy admiring the view. The suddenly…..

Croc was scooped up and placed next to Bertie for a photo. Right on the sand! Poor Croc. He hopped from paw to paw until Bertie pointed out if he stayed still the photo would be over much quicker.

Next stop, ice cream! There were several places along the sea front which sold ice cream. Bertie decided they needed to stop at each one to decide which had the best ice cream. After watching the little human cover themselves in ice cream, Croc decided to stay well out of the way!

Their favourite ice cream shop was definitely the one a little walk down the Esplande, opposite the life boat centre. Croc had never seen a lifeboat. He had never seen a boat so orange! He spent some time staring and studying it while Bertie ummmmm and ahhhhhed about what flavour ice cream to buy.

Both friends were glad to make it back to the sanctuary of their hotel room. “I wonder where we will go tomorrow?” Asked Bertie. Croc was already sound asleep, with a little smudge of ice cream under his chin.


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