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The rain beat heavily down onto the ladies bag that Croc and Bertie had stowed away in. Croc was trying to snooze but Bertie knew they had to remain awake and alert if they were to ever find their way home. They had had too many near misses with their camera bag home. This time he was determined to reach it!

They knew they were in the hotel when the pattering of the rain stopped and the movement from the bag eased. Bertie peeped out. Good! They were on the floor. He grabbed Croc, who was half asleep, and rolled out of the bag onto a nearby trolley loaded with suitcases. The two friends watched as the lady checked in and more suitcases were loaded onto the trolley. Then Croc froze. He nudged Bertie and, too excited to speak, began to frantically wave his paw in the general direction of……Bertie’s eyes grew big! It was the camera bag. Their camera bag. Sat there on the floor!

They went to make a dash for it. Just as they did the trolley moved so they dived behind a plant pot. The camera bag was lifted into the air and made its way out of the sliding doors and into the rain. Bertie slumped down. Croc sat stunned beside him. So close!!! Again! How could this have happened. Huge tears as big as the rain drops outside rolled down Bertie’s face. Croc was just about to join in when he heard a familiar voice. A Yorkshire accent saying “Yuk! I didn’t realise it was THAT heavy! I need my brolly. Can you wait here with the camera. I’ll be really quick.”

Bertie had stopped crying and was looking in the direction of the door. It was as if it was in slow motion. The door opened. Two people walked through. One person went for the stairs and the other sat down, RIGHT BESIDE Bertie and Croc! The camera bag swung onto the floor with a plop.

Bertie looked at Croc, Croc looked at Bertie. No words were spoken. They ran as fast as their little legs could carry them. Bertie opened the zip, Croc squeezed in first and the pulled Bertie with him. It smelt of home. Bertie wiggled the zip shut just in time. The familiar smell of the bag, the warmth and comfort of home embraced the two friends and the fell into a deep sleep. They were woken by quite a bright light, a squeal and a shock!

“Where have you two been!!!!” A voice declared. They were picked up, hugged, inspected, hugged again and laid to rest in pride position on the chairs over looking the amazing view of the harbour. “You two must have had quite an adventure to get here! How about you spend the next few days resting up here?”

“I think that’s a VERY good idea” whispered Bertie to Croc, who nodded in agreement. At last they were home. “Phew! What an adventure!” signed Bertie.


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