A little piece of home

As Bertie and Croc made their way through the carriages of the train they kept their eyes peeled for any sign of their home, the camera bag. One carriage on a train is a few strides for us but for our little furry friends it seemed like a hike. Croc was just glad that there were no mountains involved, other than the few, random bags they had to climb over to go un-noticed. By the third carriage the two friends were exhausted.

“We just be nearly there by now” said Bertie. They climbed up to a window by an empty seat and looked out. The landscape had changed. Gone were the houses and fir trees of the city replaced with a huge lake and an open expanse of countryside. “Wow” said Bertie, “It looks like home!”

Worn out from all their adventures so far, the two friends leaned against the cold glass and watched the world go by. The wooden houses, the landscape. As the train climbed higher and higher into the mountains the landscape changed again. There was snow! Croc shivered. He didn’t like snow. It was far too cold for him. The people getting on the train were in warm weather coats and big hiking boots. “If only we had more time!” Bertie said. Croc was secretly relieved that they didn’t have more time.

The landscape continued to change as the trained headed back down the mountains and into the town of Bergen. “It looks like Scotland!” Bertie declared. Croc had no idea where he was on about so nodded and kept quiet.

At last the train began to slow. It was pouring with rain when Bertie pointed out a sign saying “Bergen”. This was their stop! The two friends looked around. A lady nearby had been talking about a hotel she was staying at….Bertie looked at the crumpled piece of paper he had in his hand and pointed, she was staying at the same hotel. Taking their chance while the lady was distracted they hopped into her handbag. Croc just hoped she didn’t look in it and find them there. People were never to keen to find a crocodile in their bags from his experience!

Off they went again. Into the rain and into the city of Bergen. They must be close now thought Bertie!


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