The hotel at last!


Cars whizzing by so quickly you can hardly see them!

From the description of their hotel and journey so far the gentle stone bear thought he had a good idea of which hotel the two lost friends were staying in. The downside was people didn’t take kindly to stone bears wandering around the busy city during the day. It tended to un-nerve them. So the three friends had to wait until early hours in the morning to make the journey across town.

As the stone bear moved silently and surprisingly smoothly through the dimly lit street Bertie leaned back on his back and looked at the stars. The night sky was clear and he was enjoying guessing the consultations when Croc tapped him on the arm. He sat up and felt excited. This was it!!! He recognised the statue in the road which made a mini roundabout. This was their hotel. The two friends looked at each other excitedly.

The stone bear stood very still (something he was very good at) as the two friends climbed carefully down to the floor. It was a long way! “I’ll wait here just incase” he said as they made their way inside.

Bertie and Croc managed to jump in the lift as someone else was getting out. They looked at the buttons and after some effort, and amazing climbing skills on Bertie’s part, they pressed the button for their floor. As the lift pinged open they could see the door of their room. Something wasn’t quite right though…..the door had a small note on it.

Bertie pulled the note down and read it carefully, sounding each letter to make each word. Croc waited impatiently. He’d never mastered reading. Bertie went pale and sat down with a bump. The stone bear must have known, the thought to himself, as he prepared to tell Croc. The note was from the owners of the camera bag, they had carried on to Bergen, hoping that Bertie and Croc were not lost forever and may follow them. They needed to catch a train and fast!


14 thoughts on “The hotel at last!

  1. Mark says:

    This is cute. I can actually visualize the two with expressions on their faces.

    Regarding the camera auction; Nope, didn’t get it. Darn last minute buyer.
    On a better note: I won an award and prize money in my first ever juried art show. YaY!

    • Key Image Photographers says:

      Oh my gosh! That’s MASSIVE! Well done you! Was it a picture on your blog which won it?

      Camera obviously wasn’t meant to be! Hope you find something suitable soon.

      So pleased you are enjoying the story. I must admit, this Norway adventure is turning out to be one of my favourites to write ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Mark says:

        I’ve heard TONS of positive things about Norway from friends who have gone there. They were pleasantly surprised. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time there. Hope to see photos of the trip.

        Yes, three drawings were entered: “The Naiad”; “Can I Get A Ride?” and “Their First Car” but the judges also were impressed with all the drawings I had on display, so it was kind of a judged booth, so to speak. Learned a lot, sold “The Naiad” original and got a portraiture commission, so can’t complain ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Key Image Photographers says:

        Thatโ€™s great news. Well done you! That is good news about the commission as well as the judges being so impressed with your hard work. Itโ€™s very inspiring to hear from fellow creative people who are having some success. I was told growing up I would never be able to make a living from being creative, so itโ€™s nice when people prove that โ€œstatementโ€ wrong. It really motivates me to keep putting myself out there.

      • Mark says:

        Agree! My friend Jeff who does my prints, is a professional photographer who is VERY creative and does very well financially. Keep doing what you are doing!

      • Key Image Photographers says:

        I like “churning” that’s one of my favourites! Next time you see him let him know I accessed his site from a mobile and it didn’t reformat or resize so it made it tricky to view (check mobile optimisation settings) His work is great ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Mark says:

        He’s redoing BOTH websites because of that very issue – LOL! I got an email from him just a couple of hours ago and here is one of his newly UPDATED and upgraded sites:

        His second site, which I provided is going to take a lot longer and he’s going to include case studies, a part of which, little ol’ me is included – YAY!! Free advertising.

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