I finally pressed the button!

2018-04-24 Bertie and Croc book photo

After a ridiculous amount of edits and procrastination, I finally ran out of excuses and patience with myself….I pressed “publish”. I am proud to announce that Bertie’s SECOND book is now available to purchase from Amazon! The UK version can be located here. The US version here.

This version of Bertie’s adventures in Thailand is the prose script. I plan to release the rhyming version really soon. Hopefully, pushing the “publish” button gets easier with practice!

Bertie’s little buddy Croc doesn’t feature in this series yet….as Bertie didn’t meet Croc until later on in his adventures. Don’t worry though, Croc will continue to appear in my posts on here so he won’t be missing out. Plus he gets to proof read all Bertie’s books and add his paw of approval!

Bertie and Croc would like to thank all their WordPress friends for encouraging them to get out there and go on more and more adventures.



12 thoughts on “I finally pressed the button!

  1. samanthamurdochblog says:

    I am so excited for you!!! Congratulations! And forgive me for being late in the day – as usual – and thick – also pretty much as usual – but the second?? Have I missed the first?

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