The Bear Necessities

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Bertie and Croc landed with a bump on the harbour and immediately began looking around for the other boat which had their home, the camera bag, on it! It had started to rain quite heavily now and the two friends took shelter as they waited patiently for a glimpse of their home.

After some time a disgruntled Bertie flopped on the cold floor and let out a big sigh! Were they EVER going to make it home???

It was then he heard a low grumble. Croc heard it too and both friends froze and looked at each other. Being very, VERY brave they slowly looked up together. In their urgency to get out of the rain the two friends didn’t realise that they had taken shelter underneath a large, very solid statue. The statue was now looking down at them with a rather strict look on its face.

Bertie gulped, stepped back slightly and prepared to introduce himself……

Before he could say or do anything, the huge bear’s paw picked up the two friends. “Eek” thought Croc and grabbed hold of an equally terrified Bertie! They both squeezed their eyes shut and waited…..after a while they opened them and looked around. The bear was no where to be seen! Then they heard a low, rumbling voice “Always happy to help out a fellow bear” it said, “Now where are you two little chaps heading?”

Bertie and Croc looked down to find they were now perched on the top of the huge, stone polar bears head! Bertie began to tell their story, as Croc settled down in relief. This whole getting lost thing really was too much for a little Crocodile to cope with!


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