A little hope

Boat houses in Norway

Decorative boathouses

Back to our Norway adventure….

Will Bertie and Croc ever make it back to the camera bag they call home?

Bertie and Croc watched as the boat they WANTED to be on, the boat which had their mobile home, the camera bag on, followed them smoothly just out of reach. There MUST be a way across to the boat thought Bertie to himself and he sat down to think. If there was one thing all this travels had taught him it was the importance of reflecting and having a think when you are in a tricky situation.

Croc was watching the cute little cabins that lined the edge of the water. He was wondering whether they were bear houses? Bertie and him lived in the camera bag, maybe these were more glamorous houses for bears to live in? They were attached to the main houses further up the hill by a path of steps. He listened to the person talking to them over the speaker of the boat. He said they were boat houses. Then Croc had an idea. If they could get to them, and get a boat, they could get to the other boat! The thought made his head spin.

As Croc was desperately trying to explain his rather elaborate plan to Bertie, he stopped mid way. They were heading past the same white church. He nudged Bertie. They were heading back towards the harbour. Bertie turned to look. The boat they wanted to be on was heading back too.

Both friends looked at each other in excitement. This could be their chance! They could get back into the camera bag easily once they were back on dry land!


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