Can you solve the Easter puzzle?

Bertie and Croc have been getting use to their new addition to the family. So far they’ve not really seen the benefit of having a small human around but today all that started to change. For the first time in ages Bertie and Croc were scooped up in the morning maddness and settled in their bag.

Bertie was beside himself with excitement. Where were they going? What would they see? He couldn’t settle and kept peeping out of the bag he was in. Croc was a little put out that his morning routine had been disrupted. Croc liked his routine. It felt safe and comfortable and there was nothing to worry about.

When they finally got to their destination Bertie noticed other cars parked up. They went past a big sign saying “Welcome to Fyne Court”. They were high up on the Quantock Hills in Somerset. What could they be doing here?

Everyone was putting on wellington boots, so he decided it must be muddy where ever they were.

As they made their way to the huddle of buildings Croc peeped out of the bag for the first time. He was SURE he saw a glimpse of a white, fluffy tail disappearing into the bushes nearby. How odd he thought? There was a small, shiny, foil wrapped egg right where he’d seen the movement.

As they set off through the wood Bertie and Croc both peeped out of the bag. Bertie pointing out purple arrows. They seemed to be following this trail. Every now and again they would stop and it would give the two friends time to reassess where they were and what they were doing. There were other small humans everywhere. All in wellington boots of different colours. All with pieces of paper and pencils running past excitedly.

Bertie suddenly had a flash of a memory. They were on an Easter Egg hunt! In the woods. He told Croc excitedly. After Bertie explained what they were doing Croc told him about what he had seen. Bertie nearly fell out of the bag in shock. Had Croc seen the Easter bunny???

At the end of the trail, all the clues completed, Croc and Bertie sat and looked at the piece of paper which was resting on the table next to them. The final piece of the puzzle, the main word which the letters made up, was missing. Without it there would be no Egg……

Scratching their heads they looked around themselves for help. Bertie carefully traced each word. It was an anagram. The letters needed to be put in the right order to make the name of a flower. What could it be? Then he saw it….the answer…..quickly he wrote the word in the spaces and then hid in the bag to see what would happen.

Bertie’s human friends came back to the table with cups of tea and stopped. Confused, they looked around to see who had completed the puzzle. They were both sure it was blank when they left it! Shrugging they took the worksheet to the front desk and collected their prize which was carefully stashed in the bag Bertie and Croc were in.

Do you think the shiny, chocolate Easter egg made it home or did Bertie and Croc munch their prize on the way?

What do you think the final word was? A flower that grows in the spring in the UK…..the letters were sipcolw?


16 thoughts on “Can you solve the Easter puzzle?

  1. scifihammy says:

    An Easter Egg hunt looks like great fun outdoors. πŸ™‚
    My Dad used to hide Easter Eggs in our house when we were kids, and we found one Months later that had been missed and remained hidden all that time!
    Yep I got the anagram – I do lots of crosswords and anagrams are my favourite. πŸ™‚

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