The search continues…..


As Bertie sat mesmerised by the light glinting on the Christmas bauble, Croc was on a mission! He had set out to find Bertie’s missing red ribbon and he was determined to find it. If there is one thing you should know about a crocodile, it is when they focus their minds to something, they always maintain their focus.

Bertie heard a small squeak which sounded a bit like a squeaky ball being squeezed just as it’s squeaker was about to give up and squeak it’s last. Basically, it was a bit of a pathetic squeak. The noise snapped him back to reality and he realised that Croc was no long clinging to the branches of the Christmas tree next to him.

Looking down through the tangles of colours reflecting off the tinsel and baubles, Bertie could just make out a very determined, little green shape working its way carefully, and purposefully towards to bottom of the tree. He began to follow Croc.

What Bertie saw next really amazed him. His usually shy and retiring friend made his way straight up to another teddy and boldly questioned him about seeing a red ribbon. Bertie had never seen such determination and began to glow in admiration for his best friend. The teddy Croc was speaking to was a Christmas stocking and, much to Bertie’s surprise, Croc politely asked if he could have a look inside his stocking pouch before boldly sticking his head into the darkness.

Croc wiggled deeper.

Everything seemed to freeze and then Croc began to mumble something. His back legs wiggled furiously. Then Bertie began to giggle. He realised Croc was stuck!

Bertie made his way up towards Croc’s feet and gave them a tug. Both toys fell from the stocking and landed on a soft heap of carefully wrapped presents giggling.

“I thought I would never escape” breathed a shocked Croc. Then, much to Bertie’s surprise, Croc announced, “I couldn’t see your ribbon, let’s keep looking!” Grabbing Bertie’s paw, Croc dragged him off to continue the search…..


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