Croc makes a choice.

2016-01-09 11.48.57

Croc didn’t have many memories from before he was found by Bertie hiding in the dust underneath the bunk bed. Maybe he had had a bump to the head, or maybe he had just blocked the memories out, he wasn’t sure. What he was sure of that the memories he had with his best friend Bertie were pretty awesome so far!

Imagine Croc’s surprise when, after they had headed away from Darwin, he was carried into a store in the comfort of a pocket and there on the shelf was his FAMILY!!!

Croc nearly fell out of the pocket in shock. Lots of Croc teddies all looking back at him, some with darker fur than his, some with lighter, some with happier eyes, some with sadder. Oh my goodness what was a Croc to do???

Well this little Croc had to make a quick decision. Did he leap out in a completely un-croc like manner and race towards his family and risk being here forever, or did he stay in the comfort of the pocket?

Croc looked at Bertie, who seemed completely oblivious to the decision with his little travelling companion was about to make. He looked back at his family and waved, then in a complete Croc-like way he sank into the dark depths of the pocket and nestled into the tissue which was placed there as a cushion for him. Croc had adventures to go on and this was no time for sentiment.


8 thoughts on “Croc makes a choice.

  1. polgocit says:

    Crocodile is my favourite animal, I like the big Salt Crocodiles, I should go back to australia and go to Darwin. Nice you like Crocs to. When I was a kid, at school I got laughed at cause when teacher asked the children what’s you favorite animal they didn’t expect someone to reply crocodile, they tought something was wrong with me and even teacher came to my house one time late at night when I was sleeping to talk to my parents about it, if everything is normal with me. My parents offcourse knew that I was crazy about Crocodiles but also didn’t know why. Till this day I don’t know why, but when I went to a zoo all I was interested in was to know if there were crocs, no crocs no zoo for me. In the 80ies the time of my childhood, only 1 zoo in Belgium had a Croc, about 140km from where I lived in the zoo of Antwerpen, one of the oldest zoo’s in Europe. Anyway thanks for the great blog cheers

    blog :

    • Key Image Photographers says:

      There’s a Crocodile centre in the middle of Darwin, on Mitchell Street I think it is, where they have loads of Crocodiles you can view. I never went when I lived there but it was a massive tourist attraction. The other pretty cool thing to do is to go see them in the wild on a river tour. That was pretty amazing. You had freshwater and salt water Croc’s just chilling at the side of the river! πŸ™‚
      Thanks for stopping by!

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