Do what feels “right” by Sam Key

Truly honoured that my work has been chosen to be published on The Copper Staple! If I get the most likes for this month it gets published in a hard copy….fingers crossed you like it enough to help me out! Thank you, you awesome group of people!

Copper Staple Submissions

I have known Samantha Key for more than a few years. It is rare to find a human with so powerful a resilience and determination to follow the path to find happiness. Sam is a shining example to every human who is in a rut, cannot make up their mind, needs something better, allows procrastination to control their lives. If you hover and click over the image of Sam (no doubt on one of her incredible travel adventures) You will go to another world, a world of thought and observation made from the perspective of an incredible human who truly ‘LIVES’.


Do what feels “right”

I find today’s world frustrating. I went to school and I did well in all of my subjects. That is not a boast that is fact. I loved art! When I was drawing I went into a world which was all mine. I felt distant…

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