Pillar boxes and super models

IMG_2326 edited

Bertie and Croc were pleased to be making their way back to the car. After sitting on several stone walls, getting cold bottoms and their faces hurting from smiling at the camera so much, Croc decided that he now knew why supermodels always look miserable and serious in photographs. Just as Croc was beginning to get settled into the warm coat pocket he was beginning to feel was his mobile home, he was tugged at by an excited Bertie.

It seems the posing for the day was not over just yet. Bertie had an idea!!!

England is famous for a few things, some good, some not so good. Bertie knew from his travels and conversations with new international friends that red London buses and red pillar boxes were two of the things people associated with England, well that and the rain!

This was how Croc came to find himself perched on top of a pillar box with the symbol of the Royal Cypher of Queen of England on it. In the background was the famous Hepworth Gallery, but in all honesty Croc was too tired to turn around and take a peek. In fact, Bertie had to hold gently onto Croc to stop him from sliding off the top of the pillar box as he peeked over the edge to get another look at the engraved symbol on the tower they were sitting on and post the postcard Bertie had scribbled excitedly to themselves for when they arrived back in Australia. Bertie wanted to see how long it would take!

Croc began to wonder how many letters it would take to fill the whole pillar box and whether that had ever happened. He was just about to ask Bertie when they both found themselves being carefully placed back into the coat pocket and soon they were being rocked to sleep by the methodical sound of the car tires on the road.

Where were they going to next? Thought Croc as he drifted off into a Crocodile slumber.



11 thoughts on “Pillar boxes and super models

    • Key Image Photographers says:

      Postcards are awesome. I think more people should send things in the mail….it is always so nice to get a card or letter from someone who has made an effort to write to you. It makes a pleasant change from receiving bills, marketing and bank statements!

  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    Hey Bud! Came here to drop by and say ‘Long time no see’ , it seems much has been going on with Bertie and Croc while i was away. Enjoyed reading this post but why do Croc’s eyes tell me otherwise? That he hates you for placing him right there?:D While Bertie seems to be asking him to cheer up or something 😀 … Kidding, Enjoyed reading through this post as any other, always be my favourate photography blog. Missed being back here after having been away for quite a while and now i am around. Just checking on you dearest Bud, hope all is well 🙂 – Cezane
    P.S Key Image Rocks!!!!!

    • Key Image Photographers says:

      I think Croc was pretty tired and jet lagged when I took this photo. He’s not use to long distance travel! He starts to perk up in my latest post though. Glad to have you back and thank you for your kind words as always ☺

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