A welcome break


Bertie and Croc had a good start to their journey. Some would even go as fair as to say it could be considered pleasantly relaxing. Once the motion of the plane stopped Bertie and Croc found themselves being pulled into the bright lights of a different busy airport.

In the middle of the hussle of people, who seemed focused and determined on where they were heading, were areas of welcome calm. After trying out the electric massage machines and not being too sure how effective they were at easing aches, they found themselves in a small island in the middle of the airport. The island was covered in foliage and Bertie could hear the gentle tinkle of water. Looking down from a small wooden bridge they were carefully placed on he saw huge colourful fish moving silently and menacingly towards to bridge like mini sharks.

According to the information sign the fish were Koi Karp and considered lucky. Bertie whispered to Croc that they were lucky the fish couldn’t climb up the bridge! He wasn’t too sure about the motives of the silent sharks!

Thankfully Bertie and Croc were soon scooped up and placed carefully back in their snug back pack. Soon they were on their way to their next stop! 


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