Lee Point Reserve, Darwin

2016 02 Lee point 3

Bertie’s weekend drive took him to Lee Point, a Northern suburb of Darwin, about 40 minutes from Darwin city centre. The beaches were long and empty. There was the roots of trees washed up on the beach which created small sheltered spots from the warm humid sun.

2016 02 Lee Point dog toys

Bertie noticed a small box as he was carried down to the beach. Inside it there were several balls and toys. It was a memorial to a dog called Jake who use to run and play on the beach. You can borrow a ball to play with your dog with and put it back in the box for the next person and their best friend to enjoy.

2016 02 Lee Point

What a lovely idea, Bertie thought as he settled down amongst the prominent roots of a nearby tree and watched a man throw a ball for his excitable Labrador.


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