Love is in the air

Key Image Photographers wooden heart

Love is for a lifetime, not just a day!

Ah, Valentine’s Day! Great if you have a significant other the spend it with but what about all those single people out there?

Why do you need someone else to validate that you are loved?

I was super excited one Valentine’s Day when a bunch of flowers mysteriously appeared on my doorstep. Did I have a secret admirer? Who could it be? All was revealed a few days later when I found out they were from my mum! She saw them when shopping and thought I would like them…..I spent days wondering who my admirer was!

I’ve spent many Valentine’s Days spoiling myself with all my favourite things….a long walk with my dog, my favourite cake, or going to my favourite class at the gym! Yes, while all those happy couples are scoffing loads of calories at over priced restaurants I’m working out so I look and feel super hot, sexy and single!

Even now I’m in a relationship I believe that every day should be Valentine’s Day….not just once a year.

So when you get up tomorrow hug your loved one like it’s Valentines morning. If you can’t hug your loved one hug yourself or your dog or your cat. Why not even hug your teddy and notice how much better you feel.

Love is for a lifetime, not just for Valentine’s Day.


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