How planned is your life?


2016 02 Life plans copyright Key Image Photographers

Taken in Nepal – Annapurna

The question I dread the most is “where do you see yourself in five years time?” Its the one question everyone likes to ask, like some kind of buzz word it comes up at most interviews.

In truth I have no idea how to answer it. I learnt a long time ago that, as frustrating as it is, my life is going to be one of those that isn’t easy to plan.

It’s not that I’ve not tried planning. I have! It then seems to go wrong. I draw my life out and decide what I want. I think maybe the problem comes when I try to plan in the steps to get to what I want. I have had to learn to be flexible. To go with the flow a bit more and even then I get my moments of frustration. Why can’t I have more freedom to say this will happen, then this and then this?

When I’ve tried to plan I find something happens which takes my life in a whole new direction and I spin off track from the original plan.

I have decided that I don’t really have plans, I have goals. Goals, to me, are different to plans. They are what I want to achieve. The plan is how I get there. The steps I want to take and while the plan can be good I almost always end up deviating from it in some way or another.

I have decided that the next time someone asks me where I want to be in five years time maybe I should rephrase it for them and say “you mean what are my goals for the future?” That’s my plan moving forward.


15 thoughts on “How planned is your life?

  1. KyannaKitt says:

    I absolutely get this! I believe in living moment by moment. Saying what exactly you want to have in the next five or so years almost seems to fail each and every time. It’s almost like how we have this wonderful traditional of burdening ourselves with New Year’s resolutions.

    I want to lose 50 pounds this year. NO. How about I want to eat healthy. Period. Less stress and easily achieved and maintained on a daily basis.

    Awesome post. Hahaha.

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