A bear, a ship and some settlers

2015 12 Adelaide - copyright Key Image Photographers

It was a cool, clear night with a biting wind which pulled some clouds in making for a beautiful sunset. I was walking to the pier with Bertie the bear to do my favourite thing and photograph in the dimming light when I was stopped in my tracks by this shadowy scene.

At the end of Jetty Road walking towards the pier is the Pioneer Memorial which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the State in 1836. Four of the more significant settlers who came to make a new life in the free colony of South Australia were Edward Gibbon Wakefield, Robert Gouger, Robert Torrens and George Fife Angas who’s names are inscribed on a plaque on the side of the monument to commemorate their efforts in securing the foundation act of 1834. On top of memorial is a replica of HMS Buffalo, the ship they and the other first settlers sailed here aboard.

With a back drop of palm trees and an amazing sunset it makes an impressive presence on the road.


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