New year, new you?

sunrise Uluru copyright Key Image

Sunrise at Uluru

I haven’t really had chance to look back on 2015, I have been too busy living it!

Everyone has their own achievements, goals and accomplishments which they are proud of. I have watched with interest as friends and family have shared their year on social media sites. The difference in people’s experiences is quite vast. It ranges from weddings, births, moving house to moving jobs.

I decided to share my year.

In 2015 I:

  • Was awarded a visa to live and work in Australia
  • Moved from the UK to Australia
  • Moved states in Australia
  • Got my first Australian job
  • Left that job and got another
  • Tried to start a new life by making new friends, finding hobbies etc
  • Rented a super little flat
  • And finally to top the year off, I got engaged!

I have noticed that some people think others are “boasting” about achievements when they list all the things they have done in their lives. Why not be happy with how far you have come and celebrate the effort you have put in?

When I share what I have done in my life my intention is not to make others feel as though they are inferior to me, only you can make yourself feel like that. It is to inspire others and say “If I can you can!” Maybe, when I am sharing something I have achieved that Β never thought I would someone else will think “I can do that too”. This is my intention for 2016. I want to share my experience, knowledge and adventures in a way which inspires people to be the best they can possibly be.

Let’s walk into 2016 with new goals, dreams, hopes and ambitions and see where another year will take us!


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