Devils Marbles

2014 05 Devils Marbles 5

On the long drive from Alice Springs to Darwin Bertie was beginning to feel weary and fed up of being stuck in his back pack den. He longed for some fresh air and the opportunity to stretch his legs after the long distances they were driving.

It was almost as if his wish had come true when, quite randomly, the coach began to slow and pulled into a rest stop. Bertie heard an announcement that they had arrived at the Devil’s Marbles.

Once outside Bertie peaked over the top of his backpack and listened to the tour guide talking. He was explaining that the random rock formations they were about to see were called The Devil’s Marbles. It lies in the Karlu Karlu Conservation Reserve and is of great cultural and spiritual significance to the traditional Aboriginal owners of the land. The name Karlu Karlu translates to round boulders and refers to the large boulders which are found mainly in the western side of the reserve.

The boulders have been shaped by the natural processes of weathering as well as erosion. Some of the boulders are naturally but precariously balanced on top of one another or on larger rock formations, while others have been split cleanly down the middle by natural forces.

2014 05 Devils Marbles

Bertie could not believe his eyes when he was carefully perched in the shade on a precariously balanced boulder to have his photograph! The clear blue sky made for a perfect constant with the deep orange of the oddly shaped sculptures that mother nature had designed.

2014 05 Devils Marbles 3


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