Race for Life


Poppy looks like she could run the race again…me….erm well!?

I talk about my dog, Poppy sometimes on here. In 2011 Poppy and me ran Race for Life, an annual event in the UK which raises money for cancer research. Poppy had been my constant companion on my training runs and had turned into a little motivator when my energies and enthusiasm ran low. She definitely had enough for both of us.

I hadn’t started the race thinking Poppy would run with me. There were far too many people and she is a small dog. I was worried that she would get kicked or stood on by accident. I got half a kilometre about the track and people had started to space out a little. My dad held out Poppy’s lead like I was in a relay and at first I turned him down but then jogged backwards, grabbed it and we were off.

I have never received as many cheers from the crowd as I did in that moment. Poppy captured everyones heart with spectators cheering for her and failing to notice the exhausted owner being dragged along behind her. She was in her element and she wasn’t going to let me stop, not even for the water station.

When we crossed the finish line of the 10 km race the DJ announced “And the Jack Russell completes the race in 58 minutes!” She even got her own medal.

It is ironic that 4 years later Poppy is diagnosed with the exact same condition she ran that race to raise money for. Poppy has a Lymphoma. My dad found a lump on her neck and was quick to take her to the vets. The vet is doing tests to work out exactly what kind she has and we will find out next week. She started her chemotherapy treatment yesterday. This will increase her life expectancy for a few more months, hopefully a year. She is in no pain, just confused by the emotions of the people around her.

I have decided to continue to document what happens to Poppy for two reasons, one because I originally set up a blog Welcome to Poppy’s Life when I was unsure what to write about and as a dedication of my little companion and two in case Poppy’s experience can help someone else.


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